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    Travel via Brighton doubling back via Preston Park

    I have a train ticket valid via Brighton. I need to stop off at Brighton on route. Then I'm heading north towards Burgess Hill Given there is engineering works National Rail Enquries is routing people via Preston Park. Can I go that way? Under normal circumstances it wouldn't it be a double...
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    Best way to find cheapwr routes on trainsplit

    I have been looking up a journey from Guildford to Penrith using TrainSplit. However, I am finding some journey combinations don't show up. For example, if I start from a later station closer to London I find a cheaper price and I know it woulds be possible to reach the other station from...
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    Shepherds Bush to Haywards Heath around midnight [6/9]

    Hi there. I am in Shepherds Bush at the Empire at a music festival. Tonight I may wish to catch the 0:28 East Croydon to Hayward's Heath. What is the best way to get there? I could go to London Bridge but my ticket isn't valid so I'd be using Oyster. It would be so much easier if there was a...
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    Advert on LBC for Guildford to Waterloo may have incorrect fare

    Occasionally, and not often enough to easily record it, I am hearing an advert on LBC for South Western Railway. In it, they claim the off-peak fare from Guildford to London Waterloo is £16.00. I cannot find this fare on BRFares. Was it ever £16? It may be the advert is out of date. It is...
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    What are someone's rights when a compeition prize isn't honoured?

    There are lots of knowledgeable people on this forum so I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some advice. In 2019 I won a competition to attend a festival in Dorset on the 2020 August Bank Holiday. Hawlfest. A festival organised by Hawkwind. There were 30 sets of flags for sale at £10 each...
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    Cross Country services from Guildford, are they likely to return?

    In July I entered a Criss Country competition to win tickets to travel anywhere on their network. I didn't win but I noticed that their Reading and North timetable PDF showed a spur from Guildford on the map. Currently, no scheduled services are running from Guildford. Are they likely to...
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    Brfares not displaying fare for Dorking stations to Tulse Hill - researching permitted routes

    I'm organising a walk with some friends from Gomshall to Dorking. One of my friends has to then get back from Dorking to Tulse Hill and I've been researching permitted routes. They are staying over the night before so it might be helpful to stop off in Guildford to collect their sleeping bag...
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    Are there any gas lit carriages in preseevation and can they be run in service??

    Are there any gas lit carriages in preservation? If so can they be run in service or would they be considered too much of a safety risk these days?
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    Should the Govis Thameslink Railway route diagram poster reflect services currently running?

    I was in Eastbourne station today and saw a poster showing a diagram of the routes Govia Thameslink Railway run trains on. This poster had a date of April 2021. On it, it showed a limited service to Guildford. However, they are not running any services to Guildford currently, so wouldn't it...
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    Is Monday to Friday still when South Western Railway needs to run the most trains?

    For the second weekend running at least, South Western Railway is having to replace some weekend train services with buses, due to staff isolating. That is perfectly understandable to me but on another thread, I'm sure it was stated that Saturday was more popular for leisure travel than during...
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    Train delay experiences due to current staff shortsges

    Given my travel experiences yesterday, I thought I would start a thread where people can post their experiences on train delays or cancellations due to current staff shortages. This isn't meant for discussing planned cancellations unless you turned up unaware. Yesterday I was at Gatwick...
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    Later trains from Waterloo to Guildford on Saturday nights?

    I've noticed there are more later trains on a Saturday night from London to Guildford than there are Monday to Friday. Are they positioning moves or is there currently more passenger demand on a Saturday night? This evening, Friday, I rush back to Waterloo to catch the 23:15, as it takes 34...
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    Is an under distance excess possible?

    I've read about over distance excesses but can you get an under distance excess, when the cost of the ticket is more expensive? For example, if a ticket to a station closer is more expensive but offers a greater choice of routes you can take, can you excess it? I don't wish to name the...
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    What engineeeing works is leading to no direct Reading to Gatick Airport service (27/6)?

    Can anyone tell me what is happening between Redhill and Gatwick Airport today which means the Reading to Gatwick Airport services have to terminate at Redhill, causing a 27-minute wait for a connecting service? Alas, the trains are times to arrive just after 1 or 2 services to the south have...
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    How do smart cards handle mutiple tickets to the same dsstination?

    Sometimes when travelling I might end up with multiple return halves of an off-peak return, if I'm finishing my journey short and it's a regular journey or I get a lift in one direction. How does a smart card handle these situations?
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    At what arrival poont is delay repay triggered when a train is arriving late?

    Is delay repay based on the time you pass the monitoring point or time the train doors opened? I was on a return ticket that cost £10. I put a claim in for 30 minutes but was only paid the 15-29 minute rate. I was paid £1.30 and not £2.50. The train passed the monitoring point at 29 minutes...
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    Starting short on a off peak day return after 09:30 on an Annual Gold Card

    I have an annual Gold Card which offers discounted fares after 09:30 Monday to Friday. If I have a ticket between two stations and it allows me to start short, can I join at any station along the route, as long as it is after 09:30, even if to join the same rail service at my starting station...
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    Who maintains and updates National Rail Enquiries?

    Who maintains and updates National Rail Enquiries? Does each train operating company have someone do updates or do they pass on information to NRE who do the updates? What about Network Rail. Back in around February this year, the road Guildford station is on, Station Approach, was renamed...
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    What percentage of tickets are avilable as etickets or mtickets?

    What percentage of tickets are avilable as etickets or mtickets vers paper tickets? Is it possible to easily calculate this?
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    Permitted routes from Guildford or Woking to Haywards Heath when London Victoria to East Croydon Closed

    During the Sunday engineering works between East Croydon and London Victoria, if one is travelling from Guildford or Woking to Haywards Heath, would you be permitted to take the tram from Wimbledon to East Croydon? Between Clapham Junction and East Croydon, there is only a local stopping...