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    Temporary Speed Restriction between Hebburn and Jarrow?

    Anyone know the reason for the current TSR between Hebburn and Jarrow? Seems to have been in place for a few weeks now.
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    T+W Metro Signal 727

    Hello. :) I noticed signal 727 (on approach to Heworth platform 1) has a junction indicator, stencil indicator and a shunt signal. I can understand the feather being to tell you you are diverting onto the platform 2 line (not sure if this is the ‘up’ or ‘down’ line, if indeed metro label their...
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    Hull trains Paragon at Newcastle?

    Anyone know why this was at Newcastle yesterday, and also why it is listed on RTT as a Voyager?
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    Pelaw - Bede line

    When they double the section of line between Pelaw and Bede, how do you think the signalling will work. Presumably on approach to stations there will be junction indicators installed to signal if you are going to continue on the metro pathway into the platform or the Jarrow Shell branch pathway...
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    ‘Via’, ‘Then’, ‘For’

    On bus destinations displayed at the front of buses I previously only used to see ‘via’, but now ‘then’ and ‘for’ are becoming more commonplace. Eg: •West Auckland via Durham •Durham then West Auckland •Durham for West Auckland Is there any difference between the above three or do they all...
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    Heworth lights

    Before and after Heworth metro station on platform 1 side there are lights on poles. The one before the station is white and the one after is blue. Does anybody know what these are? Not sure if they are in use or just a leftover relic from the railway days, like that points indicator between...
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    Felling - Tyne and Wear metro

    Are they laying the foundations for a siding here? Noticed there is stone, sleepers and rail stacked there, don’t know if they are building sidings or just keeping it there for future engineering work. Would there be a strategic advantage to having sidings here to utilise the open space? Could...
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    Did the Tyne & Wear Metro ever run expresses?

    Came across this photo on Facebook - did metro ever used to run expresses? My initial thought was it might have related to the peak extras, but those aren’t really expresses since they stop everywhere.
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    Is this train unique?

    1734 - is it unique that it goes from being an express service in first half of journey to a stopper in second half? Also in the second half of journey (BHM - Walsall) it is a stopper with an express passenger head code - how does that work - would it change headcode to 2734 after BHM? I...
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    London Midland livery class 150 at York?

    Just passing through York and seen this. Anyone know why this was here?
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    West Midlands/LNWR reduce fares due to performance

    Just received the following email: Nice gesture, wonder if there is precedent for this and if other poorly-performing TOCs will follow suit.
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    Jarrow and Pelaw signals

    Been looking for info on Signal T31, which controls access from the Jarrow Shell Oil Terminal line, and Signal T42, which controls access from the Up Pelaw Goods Loop. Looking at a signalling diagram (Figure 1) I have gathered the following: •T31 - 3-aspect signal with attached shunt signal...
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    New South Shields Station

    New South Shields station is looking nice. Metro allowed a photographer inside, and their photos have now been published here: On a more negative note, noticing beggars approaching people at ticket machines trying to sell used tickets is becoming a...
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    Doncaster avoiding line

    Out of curiosity is this line ever used, and if so what type of traffic uses it - freight only? Additionally is there any way of tracking whether a train uses lines like this on realtimetrains? So far the only way I have found would be to click on every train that goes through Hexthorpe...
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    Why do long distance XC trains call at Tamworth or Burton?

    I regularly commute with XC between Birmingham and Newcastle and, on the faster via Doncaster service, it calls at Derby, Sheffield, Doncaster, York, Darlington, Durham and Newcastle. However sometimes it will add in minor stops such as Tamworth, Burton-on-Trent and Chesterfield. Why does it...
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    Route/Platform indicators

    Hello all, On approach to main stations such as New Street, route indicators may say “2”, telling the driver they are being routed into platform 2. I am wondering, how do drivers of smaller trains know whether they need to stop at platform 2a or 2b? Also, sometimes trains at New Street will...
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    Virgin mk2 at Doncaster?

    Hello all, I was on the 18:30 from New Street to Newcastle last night, and at Doncaster saw what appeared to be an old virgin mk2 carriage in the sidings (see photo of an example for those unfamiliar with the old virgin livery). Was quite dark at the time so could have mis-saw, anybody know if...
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    Speed limits and making up time

    I have been reading that speed limits are often limited by factors such as passenger comfort before being limited by risk of derailment (ie the board may say 90mph but you could do 100mph without running the risk of derailing). With this in mind I was wondering: A) How far above the speed...
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    Why is standing worse on 'real' trains?

    People who commute via the tube and Tyne and Wear metro are frequently crammed into carriages like sardines with no hope of getting a seat for their 30-45 min journey. Why it when people who use 'real' trains such as Virgin don't get a seat for a similar amount of time, there is outrage at...
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    Tyne and Wear Metro recruiting Good luck to anybody who applies! :) Edit: anybody who wants to apply, I would recommend giving this thread a read through (only three pages long!): It includes details of the type of stuff they ask...