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  1. gimmea50anyday

    Your first car

    1989 D registration Fiat Panda. It had the 999cc engine and came with a 4 speed gearbox but I swapped it out for a 5 speed out of a scrapper. Known as the munchmobile to my friends as at the time I worked for National Express so the boot was often full of catering supplies and stock. Clutch...
  2. gimmea50anyday

    Daylight fare evasion

    But top rail industry attitude towards to revenue protection needs to change before we will get anywhere. Only today I witnessed a member of barrier staff allow someone through. He had the "scrote" look about him. When I asked her why she let him through she said without backup she had no...
  3. gimmea50anyday

    When does 'up' become 'down' and vice versa?

    the changeover point is east of Man Vicc, its actually slightly West of Stalybridge.
  4. gimmea50anyday

    TPE cancellations

    I'm not suggesting taxis are choosing meter work but the fixed fare from Newcastle to Heaton is £5.50 and is a fair bit below what the meter fare would be. Being regular guaranteed work is an advantage at 5/6/7am during the week when the taxis will most likely be quiet but there can be delays...
  5. gimmea50anyday

    Daylight fare evasion

    Yes, there is a ticket machine beside the barriers. Sales of singles from Manors and Heworth seem to go up in popularity when the barriers are on. Or they use the Trainline app and buy them that way
  6. gimmea50anyday

    Daylight fare evasion

    That is assuming the account holder has put their details in. Many accounts simply don't have this information which is why the name shows on some tickets and not others. Often the ticket user is not the actual account holder.
  7. gimmea50anyday

    Finalists - Best UK 'High Speed' train

    So a management link as opposed to an ownership link b
  8. gimmea50anyday

    Finalists - Best UK 'High Speed' train

    You could be referring to the Polaris which CSRE was looking at developing. It was essentially an update and rework of the HST design concept but fully compatible with the existing fleet. This enabled new PCs and coaches to work with existing PCs and mk3s. Grand Central at the time had some sort...
  9. gimmea50anyday

    “Do not stand in the aisles!”

    I have mentioned this to one of our trainer assessor conductors so we will get this looked in to
  10. gimmea50anyday

    Power Failing Finsbury Park to Welwyn 14/09/2021

    Interestingly the substation at Sellinge where the power feed from France joins the national grid had a fire there today. Initial reports suggest the feed will be out of action until well into october
  11. gimmea50anyday

    Power Failing Finsbury Park to Welwyn 14/09/2021

    Maybe we need to employ some DeLoreans to boost the power...
  12. gimmea50anyday

    “Do not stand in the aisles!”

    Won't be Newcastle crew as they only operate as far as Leeds, so must be either York or Liverpool based. Had I seen this yesterday I could have looked on Genius (although I still wouldn't have revealed the name on here) Lol, that might have been me. You forgot to smile for the camera!
  13. gimmea50anyday

    ECML level crossing incident 13/06/21

    10 months jail time and a 4 year driving ban.....
  14. gimmea50anyday

    Daylight fare evasion

    A lot of the time however, planning permissions can scupper attempts to effectively barrier off a station. The low glass partition at Newcastle is one example of this, you only need to see how many people scoot round the back of Boots on a Friday or Saturday night to realise how ineffective the...
  15. gimmea50anyday

    Wobbly rails on the ECML

    185s do it, particularly on the stretch between Ferryhill and Croxdale and at Thornhill junction, but 802s bogie hunting is really bad and feels awful in the rear cab.
  16. gimmea50anyday

    Are we seeing an increase in loadings across the network.

    Saturdays on TPE it's almost as if the crowds never went away....
  17. gimmea50anyday

    3rd Rail 100 mph stretches

    I could be wrong but wasn't the section west of Woking 100mph during NSE days while the 50s were still on WoE workings but the speed was allowed to drop down to 90 on introduction of 159s both on account of their lower speeds and to increase capacity? At that time 442s were the only trains...
  18. gimmea50anyday

    Class 43 disposals

    4 VP185 HSTs compared to 4 MTU HSTs..... Mind at least 3 are static displays and may never work again, the 2 at Crewe and one at Margate. I suspect the HST group having VP185s might make it easier for them to drop Valentas in but I think it was more down to the keenness of EMT and porterbrook...
  19. gimmea50anyday

    "Would <member of staff> answer the next call please"

    It's nothing new, I was making similar announcements on XC voyagers back in Virgin days. As others have pointed out, on multiple sets it is so the call can be directed to the person who needs to receive it. It is possible to crew call specific carriages using the TMS. Where the shops are still...
  20. gimmea50anyday

    How far away can you hear a train (in good conditions)?

    As a kid I could hear CEPs entering the south portal of Wadhurst Tunnel from Mayfield lane but I don't think the distance is all that much. Certainly from Ferryhill Town Centre it was possible to hear 185s passing through Ferryhill Station, which was a good mile or so and on a much lower...