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    Famous people on trains

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    Diversions due to line closures in the Bristol area (August 2021)

    Would it be a CAF DMU unit from Llanwern,Newport,on the 2nd Severn Bridge,heading eastwards on a low loader?
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    Diversions due to line closures in the Bristol area (August 2021)

    Many problems around the Bristol/Taunton area today, affecting trains to and from the West Country and the North. Is this a sudden problem or has it been ongoing due to line closures in the Bristol area?
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    GWR Pullman dining reinstated

    BERNI INNS.....if anyone old enough can remember?
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    Using Interrail for UK Travel.

    Agree with these two quotes 100%.Please do not abuse.
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    GWR Buy Tickets site.

    I am trying to order Rover tickets on the GWR site but there seems to be no option to collect them at a designated station. At the check out it states "Delivery details :The delivery option selected will apply to all journeys purchased".....but it gives me no delivery option! Am I doing...
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    Trivia - Stations visible from within other stations

    Filton Abbeywood from Patchway. Bristol Parkway from Filton Abbeywood. Patchway from Bristol Parkway. Severn Tunnel Junction From Pilning.
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    Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, aged 99, has died

    So was I,felt a lifetime between the announcement and actual statement.
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    Trivia: most underwhelming end to a main route?

    Always think of the 1997 film "Twin Town"regarding the area around Swansea High Street.
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    Ex LNER (and Grand Central) Mark 4 sets for TfW

    I know it is very hard to judge due to so many reasons, but when do you think these units may start operating? Will it be at the start of a new timetable ie.December 2021/May 2022.
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    Woodham Bros.Barry.

    I have just watched "The Barry Scrapyard Story" on Prime Video.Fascinated. I thought that Dai Woodham came across as being a very canny,humble person, and most definitely an ace preservationist!Any thoughts?
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    I can remember buying the Sun...or was it the Evening Post? on the first day. I gave the newsagent a tanner plus 1/2p. A tanner was sixpence...6d in old money which was 2'/2p in new money plus 1/2p which obviously came to 3p, the then cost of the newspaper.
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    Bodies On Trains

    As featured in Great British Railways with Michael Portillo.Series 2, Episode 2.
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    Central Stations (Trivia)

    Bristol Temple Meads.
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    Most hated non-UK station

    Agree with the last paragraph.....for me "top of the pops"would be Sassnitz in northeast Germany.
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    Favourite non-UK station

    Zurich Hauptbahnhof for its layout and facilities.
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    TFW Premium Service.

    Many thanks for the quick response.
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    TFW Premium Service.

    Is this operating at the moment?