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  1. Cowley

    Classes 44/45/46 on mainline tours?

    For all your 45015 needs, I’ve reopened this thread (which was gathering virtual moss at the end of a siding) to continue that discussion. ;)
  2. Cowley

    'Peaks' on the Southern

    They were fairly frequent visitors to Meldon Quarry to pick ballast up and for a time the viaduct was used as a headshunt, not sure if the two things coincided though.
  3. Cowley

    'Peaks' on the Southern

    Nice. Sealed beam headlight too… When did you take that photo Peter?
  4. Cowley

    Brexit matters

    OK. We’ve had this before with the previous Brexit thread and in the end it got so toxic that it was a relief to shut it down and give all of it a break for a while. On that note I’d ask everyone to be respectful, and not (and this is important) get personal from here on in… There are so many...
  5. Cowley

    Imminent inflation crisis, due to various factors including shortage of industrial CO2?

    Very much so. I work outside a lot and it’s very noticeable over winter.
  6. Cowley

    Comedic "things you would ban" (i.e. minor things that annoy you in a lighthearted way)

    Enpty vessels really do make the most noise don’t they?
  7. Cowley

    Silverdale Colliery.

    And a bus on a bridge! Classic Railway Modeller…
  8. Cowley

    Comedic "things you would ban" (i.e. minor things that annoy you in a lighthearted way)

    People that walk around supermarkets with their phones held out in front of them on loudspeaker while they have a banal conversation that everyone within a hundred feet can hear. Why do they do this because they’ve still only got one useable hand? Is it a brain radiation thing?
  9. Cowley

    Rapido Trains - The West Midlands Fleetline bus

    Any chance of a photo with the lights on? They sound really interesting. :)
  10. Cowley

    Class 01 diesel shunters on Holyhead breakwater.

    I’d agree. Black with a hint of sea salt. ;)
  11. Cowley

    Railway General Knowledge.

    Interesting stuff. I managed at least a couple of runs behind it in 1988 and I can’t remember but did it have flush headcodes at both ends? I’m going to be out for the evening so I’ll declare open floor this time.
  12. Cowley


    Yes I think that’s because there’s virtually nothing worth having on it and it’ll cost the railway a fair amount of money to dispose of it due in part to the above mentioned asbestos issue I believe.
  13. Cowley

    Sarah Everard Murder - Consequences

    Yes it has somewhat. I think this one can be left here for now and we can discuss some of the wider aspects in this thread. Thanks everyone.
  14. Cowley

    Your experiences of having contact with the police.

    Have you had good or bad experiences? Mine have generally been pretty good although I may just have been lucky as I’ve not found myself on the wrong side of the law too often. I’ve started this up to open the discussion out further from this thread...
  15. Cowley

    Railway General Knowledge.

    I think it was 47452 that was damaged at Morpeth then?
  16. Cowley

    Bosnian Steam

    Could you let us know how this goes please Richard? I’d be very interested to hear about what you find.
  17. Cowley

    Comedic "things you would ban" (i.e. minor things that annoy you in a lighthearted way)

    Yep, and in my job: Masking tape that just rips off at an angle rather than properly.
  18. Cowley

    Comedic "things you would ban" (i.e. minor things that annoy you in a lighthearted way)

    Sellotape that you know you definitely have but you can never find when you actually need it (see also biros).
  19. Cowley

    Loco hauled trains in France

    An absolute classic.