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  1. najaB

    Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outage.

    Apparently it was more than a routing issue, there are reports that even the access cards didn't work when engineers tried to get into the data centres.
  2. najaB

    Can anyone explain the basis of this lawsuit to me?

    Maybe I'm being dense here, but I cannot understand how the law is discriminatory against her. How does it impact her if other people choose to/not to have a child with Down's syndrome?
  3. najaB

    Landslip detection

    I was out for a walk today enjoying the sun and noticed this lineside equipment about a mile south of Arbroath: (click to expand) In case it's not clear what's shown in the image, there is a central unit solar-powered unit on the sloped trackside which appears to have a radio antenna, a pair...
  4. najaB

    Rather random Scotrail working today (04/07/2021)

    As you're probably aware strike action means that Scotrail aren't running (m)any services on Sundays, but I came across this rather random service - Interesting that it runs into every platform at Aberdeen and...
  5. najaB

    Plans for new pan-Euopean sleeper trains from 2024

    Interesting case of "back to the future" here with a new proposal for sleeper trains including routes between Europe and the UK (Night Star anyone?) starting in a couple of years: (Starting...
  6. najaB

    Simple signalling question [Answered]

    I was out for a walk yesterday afternoon and saw a train heading north (well, east) out of Dundee heading towards Broughty Ferry. It passed signal D1001R which, I assume, repeats the signal protecting the level crossing at Broughty Ferry. What puzzled me is that it acted like an automatic...
  7. najaB

    Trivia: Your longest and/or most unusual end to end trip?

    I dare say that there are a few Aberdeen-Penzance victims passengers among the forum membership but, that aside, what's the longest route that you've travelled all the way from where the train started to where it terminated, and/or what's the most uncommon? For me the longest would be Inverness...
  8. najaB

    Scottish SailRail tickets this summer

    Just had a look on for SailRail tickets to the Scottish Islands and the pickings are quite slim at the moment. Nothing being returned for Harris & Lewis, Orkney or Shetland. I understand that they were removed due to lockdowns and travel restrictions...
  9. najaB

    Adulting GCSE: Things that should be mandatory to learn in school

    In this thread, I made a comment that learning how to wire a plug should be taught to everyone as part of a theoretical Adulting GCSE. What else should be on the syllabus? Basic life skills that everyone really should be taught, but unfortunately many don't know how to do.
  10. najaB

    "Change at X for Y" on ticket - suggestion or instruction?

    Pretty simple question: If a ticket has "Change at..." printed on it, does that override routes that would otherwise be valid? The background is this ticket: When booking online, you can be routed to change at either Gateway or Haymarket depending on the train you get from Dundee, and the...
  11. najaB

    Discussion on NATO, Russia, China and Cold War 2.0.

    Look at the news, Putin's already started it. (mods note - split from this thread:
  12. najaB

    Random question about PTS certification

    I have no intention or desire to do this, but is it possible to take the PTS certification test as a private individual - ie. without an employer sending you on the course? I could see this being of use to people like (semi)professional railway photographers who want to be able to access areas...
  13. najaB

    Potential dispute with Iberia/British Airways... [Resolved]

    Not a dispute yet (currently dealing with their social media team) but thought I'd get a sanity check... I booked a flight with BA through (this is a useful trick as sometimes the fare can be better when you cross-book between IAG companies). Booking on BA's site the Economy Basic...
  14. najaB

    UK Global trade discussion.

    Mods note - split from this discussion: No, that's exactly the result of us not adapting to the technological and cultural changes of the last 30-40 years. The UK used to punch way above our weight because in the Victorian and...
  15. najaB

    LNER - Aberdeen/Inverness route knowledge

    When LNER have to travel between Aberdeen and Inverness - like today for example - are they route conducted, or do they sign the route? If the latter, how do they stay current?
  16. najaB

    Coincidences that really made you think...

    Last Monday (the 3rd) I took a trip up to Stonehaven, and on the way back I had in idea for a thread titled "Is the UK 'overdue' a major rail accident?", and set the threshold for 'major' as three fatalities or 25 injuries. The thread got quite a few responses, a lot of which were to the effect...
  17. najaB

    Is the UK 'overdue' a serious rail accident?

    During the BR era and into privatisation the UK had rail major accidents pretty frequently - a quick look on Wikipedia shows that accidents with multiple fatalities occurred almost one per year through the 1950s and then decreased to every few years through the 60s and 70s, with just 6 in the 20...
  18. najaB

    Stations you've changed trains at but never left

    Over on another thread @xotGD said: It'll be interesting if there are some (un)popular stations named. For me, I can only think of Retford at the moment, changed there a few times for Lincoln. Edit: Just thought of another one (possibly two): Carmarthen changing for Fishguard Harbour, and...
  19. najaB

    Trivia: Shortest speed restriction

    What is the shortest speed restriction that you know of? I'm looking for situations where the permitted speed drops and then rises again, as opposed to a series of decreasing/increasing restrictions. This question was prompted by this video, where at approximately 10:20 you can see that the...
  20. najaB

    Trivia: Right hand running

    Excluding multi track lines paired by use (which can appear to be right hand running), how many examples of right hand running are there on the UK mainline network,and which is the longest?