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    Paper £20 and £50 notes being phased out.

    The old paper £20 and £50 notes won't be legal tender after September 30th 2022.
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    Sunak told to apologise for the end of furlough I started a new thread as I wasn't sure where this should go. Sunak has been told by the SNP to apologise for the withdrawal of furlough as the Scottish seem to think it is...
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    Trivia. Largest place without a bus station

    Which is the largest town or city in the UK that doesn't have a purpose built bus station. Roadside stops spread out round the centre do not count. I would say probably York but can anyone think of anywhere larger?
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    Railway lines crossing at right angles

    Just north of Newark there is a crossing on the ECML where 2 separate lines cross each other at 90 degrees to each other. Are there any other similar crossings on the UK rail network and were there any others that are not there now?
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    What if Stanier had got the CME job at Swindon instead of Collett

    How much difference would there have been to GWR motive power policy if Stanier had got the CME job at Swindon instead of Collett?
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    1923 nationalisation

    One of the proposals in the early 1920s was to nationalise the railways. Of course this didn't happen then and we had the big 4 instead. What does everyone think would have happened had the railways been nationalised in 1923 instead of 1948? Would the cuts of the 1950s and 60s happened earlier?
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    Lockington Signal Box

    When did the signal box at Lockington close? Also is the box still standing?
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    Trivia: Independent bus operators from pre 1930

    Which independent bus operators that were operating bus services pre 1930 are still running buses? For the purpose of this discussion they have to have always been independent and continously running registered bus services though not necessarily the same service. The only one I can think of is...
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    Trivia, which stations were closest to each other?

    Which railway stations were closest to each other? For the purposes of this I am not including the London Underground. Winestead and Patrington stations on the old Hull to Withernsea line were about half a mile apart but were there any nearer? Edited to add the stations have to be on the same line.
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    National Express

    National Express coaches are now all permanently set up in wheelchair mode, a memo came out the other day. It's to make like easier for drivers. Book time to rearrange the seats was 15 minutes but that was on a brand new coach with no siezed bolts or dirt etc.
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    Ivo Peters

    Does anyone know if Ivo Peters did any photography or filming in East Yorkshire and if so which lines?
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    Tread brakes

    How do tread brakes work?
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    Line closures

    How many lines closed 60 years ago this year? The one I can name is the Malton to Driffield line, now being reopened as the Yorkshire Wolds Railway.
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    Horn sounding

    Is there a set rule on the national railway network about when a horn should be sounded? On the preserved railway I volunteer at we sound the horn when first setting off but on the main line the drivers don't always seem to do that.
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    New build locos

    Which locomotives that weren't preserved and are not in the process of having a new build loco done would everyone like to see?