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  1. Halish Railway

    Solo Northern Class 153 this evening.

    I was browsing through the departures at Leeds this evening (Sunday 25th June) and I noticed that 2T58 2218 Leeds to York would be worked by 153363 on its own. A quick look at last Sunday’s departures reveals that this unit that arrives fresh from the depot is coupled up to the unit that would...
  2. Halish Railway

    Behaviour of anti-HS2 protestors at Ashville Aggregates

    Note to the moderators - If you believe that this thread belongs in another sub-forum, then please feel free to move this thread. Today I was watching this week’s episode of ‘Ashville weekly’ in which an anti-HS2 protest group decided to protest against the business that supplies aggregates to...
  3. Halish Railway

    Longest distance of track without a tunnel?

    Note: apologies if a similar thread already exists. I was just thinking about the twisty nature of the West Coast Mainline, especially through the Lakes and Scotland which cling to the side of the valley. This gave me a thought - what is the longest stretch of track that doesn’t have a tunnel...
  4. Halish Railway

    Trivia: Most annoying sound made by a train

    I’d like to start off with whatever that whirring/fan noise is on the class 331 - So irritatingly loud! I’d love to see an explanation for whatever it is.
  5. Halish Railway

    The best rolling stock subsitutions you have experienced?

    I saw some suggestions on the worst substitutions thread for this thread so I’ll kick off - Before it was usual, it was always great when a 158 would stand in for a Pacer around Yorkshire. Another one that I would cherish was the morning train that I took pre-COVID in which the booked decrepit...
  6. Halish Railway

    Distribution of Northern EMUs after the arrival of the WMR 323s

    *Note to the moderators - I couldn’t find a thread similar to this that looked at the 323s in particular. After the arrival of the 17 Class 323s, how will Allerton’s Class 323 and 331 fleets be used? We know that they intend to use 323s coupled to each other, however, I am unaware of any route...
  7. Halish Railway

    Coronavirus: Under what circumstances is it safe and sensible to trainspot?

    Over the past few weeks, whilst I’ve been walking/cycling in my local area I’ve stopped at a station or a line side spot. However, I’d like to ask whether it’s sensible to go further a field (20 mile area) to a station/line side spot in a rural area to go trainspotting (obviously travelling by...
  8. Halish Railway

    Mark forum read

    Help! I’ve accidentally pressed ‘Mark forums read’. Does anyone know how to undo this,
  9. Halish Railway

    Class 377 subclasses

    Hi, last October I took a Southern Metro service from Crystal Palace to Clapham Junction - It was formed of a 10 coach Class 377 which had the 2-by-2 seats (with no tables AFAIK) that were fitted to the original early 2000’s orders. I seem to remember it being 2x5 coach units, however, I thought...
  10. Halish Railway

    Random Skipton to Leeds express train

    From 17th February to 16th May a semi fast Skipton to Leeds service will operate (One train a day in one direction only) Monday to Saturday with an EMU - So I’d like to ask, is this a result of the work on platform 0 at Leeds and...
  11. Halish Railway

    Should Boris’ Scotland to Northern Ireland Bridge be for trains?

    In a day when the government wants to decrease reliance on cars, is it a bit nonsense that they want to build a 30 mile long road bridge? Instead, should the bridge be for trains and be operated similarly to the Channel tunnel with through trains and car shuttles? Obviously this would require...
  12. Halish Railway

    8 Carriage Class 333 on 5D74 2023 Ilkley to Skipton Broughton Rd C.S?

    I've just gone past 5D74 2023 Ilkley to Skipton Broughton Rd C.S. at Guiseley and it's an 8 carriage Class 333. Is this normal?
  13. Halish Railway

    Northern Ireland Railways: Trainspotting locations

    Hello all, I started this thread to ask if there is any decent Trainspotting locations in Northern Ireland that would include regular trains or even a couple of fast trains (Mainly the Enterprise Services).
  14. Halish Railway

    Open rail timetable data websites in other countries?

    Hi, I was just wondering if there were any equivalents of open rail data websites (such as Realtimetrains) in other countries that includes expected passing times, etc.
  15. Halish Railway

    HS2: Potential Services and frequencies

    I decided to start a conversation about the use of HS2 and what potential it has for more regular services and maybe International Services.
  16. Halish Railway

    Trivia: Longest distance traveled by a Passenger Train without stopping (Past and Present)

    Let's get started with the modern day Flying Scotsman that does Newcastle to London non-stop.
  17. Halish Railway

    TPE Rolling Stock - Post Diggle Line Electrification

    TPE strategically orders bi-mode Class 802's and Push-Pull Coaching Stock so that it could be reorganised as follows; Push-Pull Stock with electric Loco operating fully electrified routes Class 802's operating routes not electrified throughout e.g. Scarborough, Hull and Middlesbrough. Obviously...
  18. Halish Railway

    Deployment of 331s: What services are likely?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #51 originally from this thread. What diagrams will the 331's be used on and how many coaches will they have?
  19. Halish Railway

    Northern Class 170's

    Thought that I would make a thread for the Class 170's that will go to Northern. First of all when will the cascade of 170's to Northern begin?
  20. Halish Railway

    09:02 Leeds to Ilkley and 09:40 Ilkley to Leeds

    On Saturday these two diagrams are formed of Class 158's instead of the usual Class 333. The later diagram coupling with another 158 to form the 10:49 Leeds to Carlisle. Does anyone know why this is?