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    Cornwall sleeper train - current experience

    Just had a few nights down in St Ives via the sleeper train (both ways) and these are my thoughts: * On board staff were excellent; smoothed over any issues and friendly and helpful. * Full tray breakfast service is suspended but they are doing an acceptable reheated bacon roll * Passengers...
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    Madrid Interconnector

    Is the AVE interconnector tunnel open now between Madrid Atocha and Madrid Chamartín stations? Hard to tell from a google search as there seems to be multiple tunnels between those two stations but its unclear if the AVE service is running between them.
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    LUL insulator cleaning

    Insulator cleaning or lack of it seems to be a big issue on a lot of US metro systems. The Washington Metro has suffered a lot of smouldering incidents with dirty insulators being the cause. I've not heard of a similar issue on the London underground; is this because cleaning has been more...
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    Amsterdam by Eurostar

    The quoted time to Amsterdam Central is 3 hours 41 minutes, any guesses how much this will be improved by the new track of Line 25N between Brussels and Mechelen?
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    Latest on Rail Operating Centres

    Trying to look up the latest on the ROCs; while five years ago NR was definately going to go down to 12 centres that would signal and control the whole network, the plan now is much vaguer (at least publicly) Would I be correct to infer that the signalling/ROC strategy has been devolved to the...