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  1. Dr_Paul

    Trivia: Easily confused station names

    I've read somewhere that Aldersgate was renamed Barbican because people confused it with Aldgate. Not quite fitting the topic of this thread, but perhaps of interest, a pal who was walking near Charing Cross station was asked by a man where Charing Cross Hospital was, and the latter was more...
  2. Dr_Paul

    Light rail or tram proposals that never happened!

    I don't recall anything properly proposed in Kingston, although I may have missed an announcement. There have been vague ideas mooted, but nothing more than that. Another scheme which was proposed and then dropped was Uxbridge to Shepherds Bush, I believe mainly because of congestion problems...
  3. Dr_Paul

    Speed limiters in cars

    Many times that I've driven on motorways, I've encountered a lorry that's taken several miles to overtake another one, clogging things up somewhat, with all faster traffic (that is, all motors, most vans) squeezed into the overtaking lane. There was on, I think, the Newsthump a spoof tale of a...
  4. Dr_Paul

    Roadworks - Why didn't they take advantage of quiet roads during lockdown?

    Quite a lot was done in my area too during the first lock-down, taking advantage of the low level of traffic. Unfortunately, some of the repairs look like they've been done by those dodgy blokes who offer to tarmac your front garden; just tar slapped down with no attempt to roll it in, so...
  5. Dr_Paul

    Electrified reopened lines

    I'm amazed that this trackbed stayed unused for a century, seeing how much of London has been built on during that time. Was it pure luck, or was it kept in reserve? Did the land stay in railway ownership all that time?
  6. Dr_Paul

    If a cyclist, do you use dedicated cycle paths?

    I've been on this one a few times. Not only are there the driveways, there is a very awkward junction where Coombe Lane meets West Barnes Lane, at which the bike lane disappears into a pedestrian crossing. If you're travelling eastwards, the bike lane ends at a bus stop outside the railway...
  7. Dr_Paul

    Fire damaged EPB or SUB, Twickenham area, circa 1979

    I remember a couple of tatty carriages in the weed-ridden sidings at Twickenham, parallel to the Windsor lines. I have a feeling that they were from a 501 set, the EMU used on the North London Line, although I'm not sure. There were also some carriages in a similar tatty condition at Strawberry...
  8. Dr_Paul

    Electrified reopened lines

    I used this service when I worked in the government warehouse on Brooke Green in the mid-1980s. It was advertised -- or at least it was by then -- in the timetable and it was sometimes a WR DMU or a 4TC hauled by a 33 diesel. It was a right pain when waiting on platform 2 at Clapham Junction to...
  9. Dr_Paul

    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    I agree -- I've found Stratford completely confusing. Yes -- I think there is good reason for a footbridge across the town end of Wimbledon for an LT/SW/Thameslink/Tram interchange. Whether this is feasible is another matter. I've long thought that about Waterloo, but I'm not sure what can be...
  10. Dr_Paul

    BR Union Representation — Depot Staff

    The Bridlington Agreement ensured that one union could not -- at least in principle -- 'poach' another union's members, that is, recruit members in trades represented by another union. It was formulated in the late 1930s and was operative until relatively recently. There were always grey areas...
  11. Dr_Paul

    BR Union Representation — Depot Staff

    Thanks for the information.
  12. Dr_Paul

    BR Union Representation — Depot Staff

    Can anyone answer a question about union representation in BR days? Were skilled workers at BR depots members of the NUR or of the union related to their work, such as the engineers' or electricians' unions?
  13. Dr_Paul

    Train drivers favorite and least favorite routes to drive?

    I was once told that the Waterloo and City line was where drivers who had some trouble with management were sent as a punishment, although I have a feeling that this might not actually be true.
  14. Dr_Paul

    Trivia: Station names that do not reflect where they are

    Middlesex as a county sadly expired in 1965 with the implementation of the 1963 Local Government Act, with most of it going into Greater London, and the remaining bits parcelled out to Surrey, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. However, it lives on in popular lore, and even today many inhabitants...
  15. Dr_Paul

    Train stranded by Kent tornado 1958

    There is a page-long description of the event in the Kent Weather Book (Westerham, 1991). It mentions the Lourdes pilgrims' train, and also that lines were blocked by landslides and floods between Mottingham and Dartford and between Tonbridge and Sevenoaks, and that Clockhouse station was...
  16. Dr_Paul

    Trivia: Reopenings that have been "Proposed" the longest.

    It seems odd to me that this line was closed in the first place, considering that one of the complaints about Britain's railways was that there were too many dead-end branches, and closing this line turned a through line into one (this isn't the only example, of course; Uckfield being a prize one).
  17. Dr_Paul

    Trivia: Widest gap between train and platform (not including platform height)?

    Norbiton's up platform used to have a wide gap, as it's on a curve and the track is heavily canted. It was a big step up to the doors on the 455s that run on the services through there. I have a feeling, however, that things have improved (I'll have a look next time I'm there).
  18. Dr_Paul

    Which were the largest settlements in Great Britain never to have had a station on the national rail network?

    Unfortunately, the page is unobtainable now; I would have liked to have seen that. I wonder how many people took this April Fool tale seriously.
  19. Dr_Paul

    The GWR 57XX Pannier Tank

    Thanks for that! It's not clear from photographs, and I couldn't tell even when I had a close look at one at Sheffield Park a few years back, including looking down on it from the footbridge. I've not seen a photograph of one with its tanks removed.
  20. Dr_Paul

    The GWR 57XX Pannier Tank

    One thing that puzzles me about pannier tanks is whether the tank is one piece sitting over the boiler or two separate tanks that join in the middle, and how the tank/tanks are bolted to the locomotive. Can anyone here enlighten me?