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    Hull Trains Paragon Seat Width v Class 180 Seat Width.

    I am sitting in standard class Paragon for the first time today. Is it my imagination or are the seats narrower than the Hull Trains 180s? 1633004439 Edit 30/09 Does anybody know? I'm curious to find out.
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    Hull Paragon Waiting Room?

    I've been to the station twice in the last two weeks around 6am and both times the waiting room has been shut and in darkness. There is a sign on the door but it's been to gloomy for me to read it. Does anybody know what's going on? The waiting room has the only seating available on the concourse.
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    Anybody Been to Finikounda or Stoupa in Greece?

    I can't decide between either and was just wondering if anybody here had been to either of these two places and what their opinions were.
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    LNER Assistant Alerts?

    Has anybody made use of the LNER Assistant alert service? I did have a ticket booked through LNER, the app and my phone number in their system but I never received the advertised platform info to my phone for my service from Kings X on Friday. It was made more annoying as RTT had got it wrong. I...
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    E-Tickets v Print at Home Tickets?

    Hull Trains offers both options. They say that e-tickets are stored in the phone app. Just to clarify, if I choose e-ticket there is no PDF and if for some reason my phone isn't working then I'm stuffed? I know that [email protected] is a PDF than can either be printed off or stored on a phone/tablet.
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    Facebook "Saved Stories"?

    I'm looking at a local company's Facebook page and there's a post mentioning something i want to view is in their "saved stories". I've looked and looked but I'm struggling to see where these stories are.
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    RMT Industrial Action - Hull Trains

    Is there a thread about this already? Sorry if there is.
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    Choosing Multiple Journeys on the LNER App?

    How do you select more than one ticket on the app for different days? As far as I can see you can only buy one ticket at a time. :rolleyes: Edit: Decided to use the website and still earn perks points.
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    LNER Kings X to Hull AP Prices?

    I'm currently sorting out my return to the office. Previously I went down to London Monday Morning and came back Friday evening on the 17:18 Executive. Come September I'll only be there 3 days. So either Mon,Tues, Wed or Wed, Thurs, Fri. Just having a look at AP ticket prices. It looks like in...
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    Which Greek Island/s Have You Been to?

    Whist not doing any actual booking yet, I find myself scanning the holiday websites and Youtube for 2022 ideas. Currently I (we) are looking at Greece and it's Islands. I've been to Crete, Kalymnos (just me), Kefalonia, Zante and Afitos (mainland) . My wife has been to Parga as well as those...
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    Problems Signing Up for Instagram

    I'm trying to sign up for Instagram but keep having problems. I have the email asking me to confirm my email but everytime I try to click the confirm button a web page comes up containing "terms and conditions" and "please agree" comes up for a few seconds. The page then almost instantly...
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    How fast & costly is your internet connection?

    I just got an email from KCom telling me they are changing my package as they will be "retiring" my current one. I'm curious to know what speeds/prices others get. The new package will be full fibre 300Mbs download/75 Mbs upload., unlimited data use, £49.99 a month. All in apart from call...
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    The Missus/The Wife

    Does it grate with anybody else when people say the above rather than "my wife" or her name? Saying "the" always makes me think of someone saying "the cat", "the dog" or "the car" or similar. I'm not sure I've ever heard someone say "The husband" or "The Mr".
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    Home Cleaning Poll

    I was just wondering how often people do their house cleaning. I have to admit to laziness and we clean when it really has got the point that it really needs doing. :oops:
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    Stamford to Peterborough Timetable?

    10 years ago I used to live in Stamford and get the train to London via Peterborough. Back then I remember the service from Stamford was hourly. The other day whilst browsing I happened to look again at the timetable. Now it seems the service has got worse with some gaps being 2 hours. Question...
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    Hull to Mottingham

    It looks like I'll be travelling to Mottingham station next Tuesday and returning on the Thursday. The journey planner suggests Hull - Donc - Stevenage - London Bridge - Mottingham. This sounds straightforward enough but I was just wondering if there was perhaps a better less obvious route...
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    Facebook Problem?

    I suddenly seem to have this popping up No more posts Add more friends to see more posts in your News Feed. Anybody know how to get rid of it - and no wags telling me to get more friends!
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    Tax Working from Home? I think it's a crazy idea but, no doubt, others will think otherwise.
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    Hull Trains Redundancies?

    I was watching the local BBC news at lunchtime and they had an item about HTs and them perhaps making some ostaff redundant. I didn't see the full item nor can I see anything mentioned when I google. Anybody know more?
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    Furloughing in the UK - what is the current situation?

    Moderator note - posts #1-#4 originally in this thread: Do we know what percentage of the working population is still furloughed?