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    SWR station repaints

    Have they done the canopy too? That really needed doing, but of course is a Network Rail rather than SWR responsibility.
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    GWR 5p Tickets

    I'd of thought that not many staff, when checking tickets, would look at the price anyway. First things to look for will surely be destination, date, and any railcard requirement.
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    Brexit matters

    They need an enemy. It goes like this: 1. Johnson pulls out of the agreement his team negotiated; 2. Waits for the EU to hit us with perfectly legal trade tariffs because we've broken our side of the agreement; 3. Blame the "nasty" EU for all the resulting problems our decision causes; 4. Wrap...
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    SWR Cancels Saturday Salisbury-Waterloo & Bristol service

    I think there's quite enough stops already between Exeter & Basingstoke/Waterloo without adding any more thank you!
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    Rare sighting of a swallow

    I suspect there may be a couple of Monty Python fans on here....
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    Preliminary Work on Okehampton Line: progress updates

    I'm very glad to see Brush 4's photo of vegetation clearance; I'm all for trees -and more of them- but in the right place, and not on a railway line causing all sorts of problems. When I last went on the special Summer Sunday service up to Okehampton, the side of the train was constantly being...
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    Orkney to Mansfield

    Looks like there's a 09.00 ferry from Stromness at the weekend. Still not the well-timed connection with the train that existed when I did the journey. There's also the Thurso to Inverness Stagecoach bus, which I've also travelled on -but in the other direction- which could be an alternative...
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    Brexit matters

    The reason why so many (as you put it) try to cross the channel illegally is because we've made it so extremely difficult to enter the country legally. Post Brexit points system has made this even worse. So instead of people coming here legitimately, getting jobs, and paying taxes to our...
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    Your thoughts about the EU pre-2013

    I don't think EU membership mattered to most people at all until recently. I remember one of John Major's Maastrict rebels, Sir Teddy Taylor MP for Southend, appearing on Have I Got News for You, where he was treated by the panel and the audience as a rather preposterous "figure of fun" for his...
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    Orkney to Mansfield

    The only time I've visited Orkney back in 2013, I used the train+ferry all the way; no flights required. The return journey was Stagecoach bus from Kirkwall to Stromness; ferry to Scrabster; taxi to Thurso station; train to Inverness. We then stayed a few nights in Inverness while exploring the...
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    GWR IETs - End doors out of use

    Good, a much more realistic number.
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    Trivia: Stations in settlements named after the Station

    Sarsden Halt in Oxfordshire. I believe a few buildings cluster around the site of the former halt on the now closed GWR Kingham - Chipping Norton - Banbury line.
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    Route preferences from Exeter to East Yorkshire

    You could avoid the tube by going to Waterloo, then National Rail from Waterloo East (which is attached to Waterloo station) to London Bridge, then Thameslink to Kings Cross/St. Pancras.
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    19th July Lockdown Easing - Observations and Compliance

    Thanks to all for your replies, and descriptions of the reality of London journeys at the moment.
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    RAIB report on Glencarse tree strike published

    Well, I certainly agree there is more injury & death on the roads than on the railway -trees or no trees. And I agree trees are a danger on the railway; although mainly a problem that the railway has brought upon itself by letting the things grow in the first place. The road network is of...
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    19th July Lockdown Easing - Observations and Compliance

    Thanks for your reply. It seems I've muddled bylaws with conditions of carriage. Well, as I've no desire to be threatened with being removed, or to have to tell lies to get around it, I think I'll stick to my policy of not visiting London at present; which of course also means not giving any...
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    19th July Lockdown Easing - Observations and Compliance

    This is very, very good news. I've been a bit slow and only just picked up on this post from last Sunday. I've been wanting to have a trip to the London for the first time in year & a half; looks like I'll now be able to do it. The Oyster card needs updating with new priv card details & I'm...
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    RAIB report on Glencarse tree strike published

    Now that really is unrealistic. Road traffic can stop in a shorter distance than trains. Road traffic can swerve round a fallen tree. I think furnessvale's suggestion to remove the danger of fallen trees from railway lines is eminently sensible.
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    Preliminary Work on Okehampton Line: progress updates

    Indeed. The track was looking in fine fettle. I'm looking forward to travelling over it later this year....