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    Transdev Blazefield

    Which will do its usual trick this September of catching-out freshers at Leeds Beckett University who, wanting the Beckett Park campus from Leeds, stay on past the Headingley Arndale stop and find themselves a couple of miles up Otley Road outside Lawnswood School.
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    Hulley's of Baslow

    In yesterday's The Yorkshire Post it was reported that "northern leaders" are being given the option (by the Department for Transport) of accepting reduced rail services into Manchester (to reduce congestion into central Manchester stations) or a continuation of Covid-19 reductions in rail...
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    The Scoveston Murders

    As the article itself identifies "gaps [in the story] are often filled with rumour, half-truths and make believe", which pretty-much sums-up the idea floated that Cooper's actions were in any way related to the compulsory purchase of land - there has been both a drama-documentary and a...
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    Transdev Blazefield

    The character at the back wearing the toque is holding what seems to be a pie - presumably a reference to the ten giant Denby Dale pies baked over the last couple of hundred years.
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    Northern Irish Buses Since 1986

    I'd echo what has been written by bangor-toad and Belfastmarty. I think there's been growth in the Greater Belfast area, and the service provided by Metro to those urban areas outside the old Belfast Corporation (and BCT/Citybus) boundary previously served by Ulsterbus has improved. Evening...
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    Stagecoach United Counties X61

    As the United Counties leaflet referred to by AOwen shows, the Nottingham-Loughborough-Leicester-Market Harborough-Northampton link was part of United Counties' Nottingham-London express service network - passing under NBC to National Express control. Sometime around 1986 National Express opted...
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    Trivia: Bus Depots/Garages Difficult to Reach by Public Transport

    It was built by London General in 1921, but was used by Thames Valley from the following year when they took on General services in that area as agents, before being handed back to General along with the services concerned in 1929.
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    Trivia. Largest place without a bus station

    It hadn't occurred to me that Eccles was within the Salford local authority district - what is the definition of town/city here? the town/city (however one defines that!) or the local government area?? Apparently Victoria closed in 1988 - I'm surprised it lasted that long.
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    Trivia. Largest place without a bus station

    How about Salford - population c220 000? Has it had a bus station since Victoria closed when Arndale (over the Irwell in Manchester) opened? early 1980s??
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    Largest range of route numbers (late NBC / early privatisation)

    Ribble only used from about 470 upwards: 470-489 for services to to the north/south/east of Kendal (including those in the northern Dales); and 490-499 for the haldful of services running up the west shore of Lake Windermere. (The 500-up range was used for services serving the Furness peninsula...
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    How many ex-National Bus Company (NBC) names or independent ex-NBC operators left?

    So, from 1969-1972 it was an NBC name, just like all the other ex-BET/ex-Tilling names that lasted into/throughout the NBC era, or those names that were created by NBC in the run up to its dissolution. I really don't follow your logic here . . . 1623521100 National Holidays . . . are they still...
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    How many ex-National Bus Company (NBC) names or independent ex-NBC operators left?

    I stand corrected, sir. (And thank you for providing "Potteries" evidence.)
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    TRIVIA : Most Unusual names for bus/coach operators (current/historical)

    There were three companies: Exors. of S. Ledgard (the former directly-owned operations); Exors. of S. Ledgard (Bradford) Ltd" (the former B&B Tours Ltd operations); and Exors. of S. Ledgard (Ilkley) Ltd (the former Cream Bus Service Ltd operations). All were taken over by West Yorkshire on 14th...
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    How many ex-National Bus Company (NBC) names or independent ex-NBC operators left?

    Off the top of my head the only ones with direct provenance I can think of are Green Line (still hanging on in there, just), Potteries (this was used as the company fleetname on all National white coaches by PMT, and may have been applied to one-or-two NBC-liveried buses before PMT was decided...
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    [Trivia] Services From A Suburb To A Different Town/City (But Not The Nearest Town/City Centre)

    Harrogate Coach Travel/Connexionsbuses 781 Meanwood-Otley and 940 Holt Park-Otley both run from north Leeds suburbs to a local market town.
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    Transdev Blazefield

    Or just for drivers to line up the rear of the door with the edge of the adjacent bay, agreed it looks tight and there wouldn't be much room for error so would have to be done at a creepl.
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    Through the depot in service? (Yorkshire Traction, others?)

    That's a comprehensive list, there can't be many left over - but there was Kingston (LT), Victoria (LT) allowing for the LT Tours coach station, Brixham, Rushden (Birch Bros), Southend could boast both London Road (Eastern National) and the old City depot/station at Tylers Avenue, and Ramsey in...
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    Through the depot in service? (Yorkshire Traction, others?)

    With respect to previous posters - there is a world of difference between the OP regarding entering what were otherwise solely running depots in service, and using a combined depot-bus station facility designed for that purpose . . . the latter might make good thread in its own right. The only...
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    TRIVIA: Operators (other than LT) with bespoke vehicle designs

    They were also specified by Huddersfield JOC - not as widely, but they weren't unique to Salford. And no, it wouldn't make for a bespoke bus - any more than different destination displays, upholsery, or Sims/CAV electrical equipment, etc etc.