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    Oh you silly computer

    Well it made me laugh...
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    Circular return routing query

    Hoping this hasn't been asked too annoyingly often... Say there are two routes from A to B: one via X and one via Y. (There is also a direct route X-Y.) A return ticket from A to B is valid on either route, A-X-B or A-Y-B. (As it happens, it is also valid A-X-Y-B, if this is relevant.) There...
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    Mighty Morphin' DMUs on RTT (ref. BHM)

    Poking around on realtimetrains (which I have recently discovered) I have found what looks like an inconsistency and I do not understand it. 1M07 from WOS terminates BHM platform 11b at 1644. The "Schedule Information" field has "WTT schedule UID P83409, identity 1M07; Runs SO between...