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    The Scoveston Murders

    This might be of interest with a railway link: Invoking Betteridges Law of Headlines: Was the reason for the murder of the owner of Scoveston Manor near MIlford Haven related to the compulsory purchase of the land for...
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    Accident near Hässelholm in Sweden

    There was a particularly nasty accident near Hässelholm in Sweden a couple of days ago - 1 adult and 2children dead after a car was hit by an X2000 service Reported that police have opened a murder investigation...
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    Leaving North Korea

    This appeared on BBC News this morning; Russian diplomats utilised an unusual way of leaving North Korea. There's even a video of them I assume on the bridge from NK to Russia. Of course I have no idea of the veracity of this but, interesting all the same...
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    Trains in unusual places pt 2

    Some might be interested in this ... a pacer at Llanharan rugby ground. Anyone with any more information on this? Standing incongruously in front of the posts is an old diesel multiple-unit...
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    InterCity in the SouthEast during the 1980s

    Over on Reddit there is a discussion about InterCity routes from 1985. There's also a link to Project Mapping: Routes 1985.jpg The question I have is that there...
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    South Wales Metro and Tram Trains

    Not sure if this has been answered - at least I can't find a good explanation after much searching. But, looking at the trains ordered for the SW Metro, I'm a little confused why the Rhymney Valley lines get "proper" trains while the Merthyr, Cynon and Rhondda get the tram-trains. I recall...
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    French LGV Speeds

    Looking at the OpenRailwayMap site I notice that some of the French LGV lines are marked as 330kmh operation. I know that LGV-Est runs at 320kmh but do any trains on the LGV Nord/Sud-Est/Mediteranne run at 330kmh or is 300 still the norm t Ian
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    Finland's "Supertrain"

    As reported by the national broadcaster YLE to cope with Christmas demand: ”Superjuna” lähti matkaan – katso video Suomen suurimmasta matkustajajunasta "Supertrain" has left on its journey - Watch video of Finland's biggest passenger train. Basically, this is...
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    Lisbon Tickets

    Continuing with the Portuguese theme on this forum :-) does anyone have experience with Lisbon's Viva Viagem Card? The English language webpages for Carris, Fertagus etc aren't consistent with the Portuguese pages (and don't ask about Google Translate). However I see via TripAdvisor and guess...
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    Class 175 original proposals

    On the description page for the new TS2015 South Wales MainLine release [1] there is reference to the original proposals for the class 175: "The original specification for the Class 175 included a 125 mph variant and even a one or ‘Bubble’ car model much like the Class 121. These were never...
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    387/319 for South Wales? (Rugby matches only)

    This popped up today on WalesOnLine: "Rail bosses are planning to bring crowd-busting commuter trains into South Wales on future rugby international days – but not until the railway has been electrified. Each of the trains will have 12 coaches, compared with eight in today’s Swansea-London...
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    Worse than a pacer?

    Mods: please move if you see fit, but I guess this might of general interest This appeared today on the Finnish railway hobby picture website ( ). Given all the "fuss" over pacers I thought this might be of interest: The Sri Lankan "pacer: t. Ian
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    A Good News Story

    Good to see something nice being written about the railways, this from Wales OnLine: 'They saved Christmas' What happened when this little girl lost her favourite toy in a busy London railway station
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    Lost Nazi Gold Train Found in Poland

    Yep, seriously... Ian
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    Birmingham Hidden Spaces: New Street signal box & Curzon Street station

    There's a very nice site called Birmingham's Hidden Spaces. Two of the spaces with photographs and history are New Street Signal Box and Curzon Street Station. Enjoy! t. Ian
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    I'll be travelling in April, the dates and times will be fixed soon(ish), but the journey will be Day1: Heathrow -> Leeds (evening arrival - reasonable free with the train times) Day2: Leeds -> Brighton (arrival 21h00-22h00) (Day3: local travel around Brighton - nothing special...
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    Residents complain about Stirling Railway

    From the BBC Just wondering what they'd think about the HGV equivalent of the coal trains instead? t. Ian
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    Llantrisant-Beddau cancelled ?

    From WalesOnLine: "Some station proposals are already axed, after the Welsh Government abolished the council consortia which had promoted them. They include Caernarfon, Nelson, Machen and four stations...
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    New Measurement Train

    Might be of interest to many here: The Register (IT magazine) has an article about the New Measurement Train, plus pictures of the insides :-) This 125mph train is fitted with LASERS. Sadly no sharks, though Network Rail's New Measurement Train - not new, but still pretty nifty By Simon...
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    Croxley Rail Link approved

    Saw this on the Railway Gazette... t. Ian