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    LNER Tickets and Apple Wallet

    I've bought etickets from LNER recently, and my iPhone is not recognising them for Apple Wallet. Is there a known issue here?
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    RDG Routing Point Calculator

    Am I alone in finding this almost impossible to use because the Recaptcha installed to protect against bots is so intrusive that I can't even move within a field?
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    Use of family railcard

    I hold a Family & Friends railcard, and will be making a journey with a friend and my son. This is on a route for which I hold a season ticket. In these circumstances, am I allowed to purchase tickets with the railcard despite my own ticket not being on the railcard, or does validity depend on...
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    Under 11 Oyster with mainline fares

    I'm going to be in London next week with my 7 year old daughter, who already has an Oyster photocard to make tube travel easier. Because of the strikes we'll also be needing to use mainline trains (SWT/SE). Despite spending ages on the Oyster site, I can't find anything to tell me whether: 1...