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  1. animationmilo

    North Wales Coast 175 diagrams

    I'm just wondering what North Wales coast services Manchester-Llandudno via Warrington are 175's these days.
  2. animationmilo

    Advances Swansea to Paddington

    Have the advances from Swansea to Paddington been changed, alot of them are £32 but the other day I was able to get a £12.50 ticket on 22:45 on the most future dates.
  3. animationmilo


    Hi, Does anyone know whats going on with 175002? It crashed in Whitland on 19 December 2011, was just wondering does anyone know if its being repaired or how long to its back? Max
  4. animationmilo

    150282 back from Northern with arriva

    My mate saw that 150282 is back from Northern to Arriva now, It was on Shrewsbury-Crewe local today. So the only one on hire now is 150280 to NXEA
  5. animationmilo

    Arriva's 153320

    I was wondering, I havent seen this 153320 unit that arriva have since 1st September. Anyone seen 153320 recently, all the others are around 153303, 153312, 153323, 153327, 153353, 153362, 153367 Just not 153320, so any ideas where it is? They have all been refurbished.
  6. animationmilo

    January Fares

    When do you think we can find out exact prices of the fare rises in January on ? Thanks
  7. animationmilo

    Major problems in South Wales tonight

    Trains through Bridgend are being delayed by up to 40 minutes. More details available from the Service Disruption area of the National Rail Enquiries website. and Trains between Severn Tunnel Junction and Newport (South Wales) are being delayed by up to 60 minutes. More details available...
  8. animationmilo

    19:45 London-Swansea on Saturdays

    I am planning to use the 19:45 London to Swansea in a couple weeks on a Saturday, How busy is it?
  9. animationmilo

    How many people on 153s

    What is the most people you have ever seen on a single car 153 train. Max
  10. animationmilo

    Knighton to Warrington

    Hi, I brought a £19.35 ticket from Knighton to Warrington Bank Quay today thats with 16-25 rail card. Well I hear its only valid changing at CREWE when it says Route Any Permitted. What is wrong with doing Knighton-Shrewsbury Shrewsbury-Chester Chester-Warrington Bank Quay OR...
  11. animationmilo

    Why no 21:30 to Swansea?

    Hi, I'm travelling on Sunday 26th June and want to be on 21:30 London Paddington to Swansea but its not showing up on any timetables, last one showing is 20:30 Swansea. Why? Its showing every other sunday but 26th june. Very annoying.
  12. animationmilo

    153312 Arriva Where is it

    Anyone know where Arriva's 153312 has got to? Max --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Anyone know
  13. animationmilo

    Arriva 153's

    Is there anyone who knows where abouts arriva, 153303, 153353, 153362 and 153367 are the past few days? MAX
  14. animationmilo

    Hertford North

    Hi, I was wondering. What is the best price from Hertford North Station to Central London(Leicester Square) making use of underground, buses and the train from Hertford North? Can I use an Oyster card for the whole journey and how much would it be off-peak? Max