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  1. Railperf

    Class 220/221/222 window survey

    I am noting that quite a few of the Class 22x have 'blown' window glass - the exterior tint is much darker than usual with a build up of condensation inside. This might seem a strange request but I am looking for reports of set numbers with these blown windows. Last night I noted that 222005...
  2. Railperf

    1C43 EMR

    Can anyone confirm what motive power this is today - 1C43 Leeds to St Pancras? Thanks
  3. Railperf

    Changes to the Highland Mainline timetable and developments?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #14 originally in this thread. Weren't there plans to introduce an hourly HML service each way eventually?
  4. Railperf

    Heritage and private railways - speed limits

    Just clarifying, it it true the maximum speed allowed for carrying passengers is 25mph on Heritage railways? Is there a reason why that is the case? Are higher speeds allowed on Heritage and private railways for test/ other purposes where passengers are not carried? if so, how is the maximum...
  5. Railperf

    GA Class 360 withdrawal

    Are all GA 360s now off-lease or are some still in service? Details please.
  6. Railperf

    Class 720 Introduction - Initial Diagrams

    Monday to Friday Class 720 diagram; Diagrams seem to have changed from Mon 14 December - awaiting further detail:
  7. Railperf

    Class 380 diagrams

    Can anyone help with identifying which trains are most likely to be allocated to Class 380's at this time? cheers in advance.
  8. Railperf

    Opinions and questions regarding Renatus 321s

    The Renatus units are very clean and bright on board of course..i can understand people mistaking them for new..
  9. Railperf

    Italy - Adriatic 200 km/h 124mph upgrade update

    A further 43 km of the Bologna to Lecce Adriatic railway has now been upgraded for 200km/h (124mph) running - between Bologna and Ancona as part of a long term plan to convert 300km (186 miles) out of the 798 km (500 miles) between Bologna and Lecce to 200 km/h. The works are planned to be...
  10. Railperf

    Greater Anglia Class 379 Off-lease?

    Does anyone know for defnite when Greater Anglia Class 379's are due off-lease due to new Class 745's due in service?
  11. Railperf

    GWR class 80x post 15 December timetable change

    1H23 Paddington to Weston Super Mare - a 5-car 800 016 Certainly one GU did not power up at the Bristol Parkway changeover. No traction motor sounds in coach B either. Approaching Reading we caught the 1236 Paddington to Exeter , which having left 5 late had lost even more time to Reading and...
  12. Railperf

    Scot rail Class 380s

    Does anyone know which routes the Class 380's are now used on since they have been displaced off the Edinburgh Glasgow route by 385's?
  13. Railperf

    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    According to Rail Magazine correspondent Richard Clinnick - 4 to 8 weeks for 745's to enter passenger service.
  14. Railperf

    Most powerful UK passenger / test consist

    I was browsing the internet and found a news article announcing Trenitalia had been testing a consist comprising of two Class E464 4,693hp locomotives with a pair of UIC coaches in between. So with 9,386hp for a total consist weight of 230tons - and...
  15. Railperf

    WCML EPS speeds

    Is there any concrete news on any changes to EPS/nonEPS speed limit changes in advance of the Class 397's entering service?
  16. Railperf

    Class 800 upgrades to address performance and reliability issues

    Can we use this thread to discuss and report/update Class 800's with engines out / short forms etc? Also as the 800s performance is upgraded to a version closer to the 802's - any reports of units having had the upgrade would be welcome. Recent reports from RPS members recording 800310 suggest...
  17. Railperf

    HST vehicles at Doncaster Wabtec

    Passing through Doncaster yesterday, i couldn't help but notice all those HST vehicles lined up around Wabtec's facility. How many vehicles are being worked on and for which TOCs?
  18. Railperf

    Poorly Class 395 'javelin'

    Travelled on 1J57 Margate to St Pancras Saturday 30th. Service formed by 395006 /015. This service running at much lower line speeds on both DC and AC than usual, despite no obvious traffic issues. Is there anyone in the 'know' as to what the cause was? Ashford to Ebbsfleet took almost 22mins...
  19. Railperf

    ATO operation on the London Underground - Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines

    Automatic train operation seems to have started between Hammersmith and Latimer Road. Does anyone know which are the next sections of sub surface line to be converted to ATO operation?
  20. Railperf

    Reading station upgrade completion date

    Does anyone know the date that the current station layout at Reading was completed and fully operational for traffic at current linespeeds?