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  1. pitdiver

    Orkney to Mansfield

    At the end of November my wife and I are going up to Orkney. We are being driven up by friends of ours. However we are making our own way back. What routes can fellow forum members suggest/recommend to get us back to Mansfield using public transport. Time is not an issue neither is cost of train...
  2. pitdiver

    Sleeper Priv Tickets

    Good afternoon. Am I right in assuming that the priv fares quoted for the Caley Sleeper in BR Fares are for two passengers or is just one person? I am thinking of travelling from Inverness at the end of Nov with my wife so would I need to book in advance or can I buy on the day as at the moment...
  3. pitdiver

    Possible Route Enquiry

    A number of years ago I was on holiday on the Isle of Wight. I met someone who told me that they had flown from Leeds Bradford to Sandown Airport. Does anybody know whether this was ever possible?
  4. pitdiver

    Inverness Booking Office

    A quick question. Is the Booking Office at Inverness station normally open during the hours posted on NRE or do they vary. I will possibly be travelling back from there later this year and will need to purchase a ticket.
  5. pitdiver

    Shirebrook to Inverness

    In November or February my wife and I will be going to Orkney again. This time we are travelling by train. I would like to know is Shirebrook- Inverness via London a valid route using the Sleeper. So enabling me to buy through tickets or would I need to buy two separate tickets. We would be...
  6. pitdiver

    Battery Powered Aircraft

    My wife and were in Orkney recently. Whilst there we were hearing about a battery powered aircraft thats being tested for possible use on Inter Island services. Apparently the craft they were testing has so many batteries that there is room for one person, the pilot. Somehow I don't think that's...
  7. pitdiver

    Flying From Edinburgh Airport

    In October last year I asked for advice on how to get from Waverley to Edinburgh Airport. This has been resolved as we are driving. However I have a couple of questions about the airport itself. We have booked a space in the Multi Storey car park but would like to know is it easy to get to the...
  8. pitdiver

    Sleeper Travel

    I am curious to know what is the longest single night sleeper journey you can make in Europe at the moment. Ignoring Covid 19 timetables?
  9. pitdiver

    Michael Portillo's TV Series

    I am at present following Mr Portillos's Great British Railway Journeys series on the Yesterday channel. In this series he gets on a train at a different station to the original series. Can anybody tell me what station he is getting on at. The train I believe is going to Horsham.
  10. pitdiver

    Trivial: Free Travel

    When I worked for LUL some of us would get a free BR ticket year. As you can imagine this was always welcome. A number of people would travel to say Inverness and back. Personally I never got that far. Assuming some members may have worked for LUL did you get the free ticket if so how far did...
  11. pitdiver

    Trivial:- Calais and Boulogne Maritime stations

    As the Channel ports have been in the news very recently. Could anybody tell me where the furthest through coaches went from the above two stations. Particularly towards the end of their working lives
  12. pitdiver

    Trip To Inverness

    Good afternoon Previously I asked about the best way to get to Edinburgh airport. That has now been sorted. We are now planning a trip to Inverness. My question is do we go from our nearest appropriate station, Newark Northgate or do we get the train into London and get the sleeper. We were...
  13. pitdiver

    Waverley To Edinburgh Airport

    Next year I will catching a flight from Edinburgh Airport. I will be arriving at Waverley from Newark Northgate What do fellow forum members recommend is the best way to travel between Edinburgh city entre and the Airport
  14. pitdiver

    Train to Aberdeen

    I am trying to get to Dyce (Aberdeen Airport) from Newark Northgate. On checking National Rail I see part of the journey is by bus. Can anybody tell me the journey time when the whole journey is by train?
  15. pitdiver

    Priv Tickets to Inverness By Sleeper

    I am thinking of going up to inverness on the Caledonian sleeper. I realise this has to be booked in person at a station. But which ticket do I book as according to BR Fares there a number of different prices. Obviously I am looking at the the least expensive but how can I be sure that is the...
  16. pitdiver

    Slow Train To Venice

    "Slow Train To Venice" Has anybody read the above book. If so is it worth buying
  17. pitdiver

    Somers Town? Coach Stn

    MAny years ago I had to catch a coach to Luton Airport from what appeared to be an old Coal Yard in what I think is now called Somers Town ( it probably was then as well) Does anybody have any knowledge or information about this place.
  18. pitdiver

    The Horror of Pacers

    Being a Southerner ie being local to GTR and their wonderful class 700s. I have never had the "pleasure" of travelling on a Pacer. However this all changed last week. I had the need to get from Bedford to Worksop. So Leicester, Sheffield then the final leg Sheffield To Worksop on a PACER. Ye...
  19. pitdiver

    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am trying to book two Priv return tickets on the abover service. I am slightly confused as it seems that I can only get a discount on the train fare not the sleeper supplement. Is this correct as BR Fares shows I believe a twin berth fare (Twosharing) at £55. Advice...
  20. pitdiver

    Past travels on the Deerstalker etc.

    Going back in time to perhaps the 50s or 60s would the down Highlander have all the kerfuffle at Waverley or were there three seperate trains, ie Aberdeen, Fort William and Inverness. At what sort of time did the leave London and arrive at their respective destinations. As I have travelied on...