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    EMR December 2020 Timetable Consultation

    EMR have published it's proposals for December 2020. The main change is the introduction of the electric services between London and Corby, and on the Regional side Derby to Nottingham increasing to 4tph (2tph XC and 2 EMR) by extending Crewe services to Newark Castle instead of the Matlock...
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    Undergraduate Placements

    Hi, I've applied for quite a few year in industry placements but haven't yet heard anything - most of the deadlines closed in late December/early January - but was wondering whether anyone has any idea of how long it's likely that I'll hear from those companies I've applied for? I've applied...
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    East Midlands Trains direct award announced

    Seems good news, good to hear about the extension of catering on Norwich to Liverpool services and the additional Saturday services between Nottingham and Newark Castle. Also suggests Stagecoach and the DfT still have a fairly good relationship despite the talks with South West Trains over a...
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    D-SLR Camera recommendations

    Good morning, I'm looking at upgrading from my current Olympus E-450 to something a more up to date, I was just wondering whether anyone has any recommendations for D-SLRs released within the past 2/3 years. I would buy second hand and have been looking at the Canon 700D and Nikon D5200...
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    43074's Trip Reports

    First things first, I'm establishing this thread for my trip reports to keep things tidier - I know I don't do that many trip reports but it might be an incentive to do a few more! 18/02/2014 - Great Escape A snap decision was made the day before that I was doing a LM Great Escape on...
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    Harwich 'boat trains'

    I am currently researching the history (since railways began) of the interesting group of cross-country services to East Anglia for an article in my blog, and am looking for information regarding the history of cross-country boat train services from destinations West of Peterborough to Harwich...
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    Hitachi wins order of 70 EMUs for Abellio Scotrail Good news for the North East, although I'm surprised they're not opting for more 380s. Any thoughts on the train's front end design? I quite like it myself but I guess I will be in a...
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    Central Line train map: which year?

    I'm trying to find out which year a Central Line train map (i.e. one from inside the coaches) that I aquired recently was made. I have suggested it is from the period between 1987 and 1994 using this criteria: The Epping to Ongar line is shown as ''Peak Hours Only'' The DLR logo (first version)...
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    43074's Website Updates

    WARNING: Large images contained below Morning all, Instead of creating new threads each time I update my site with new images (on the rare occasions that I actually bother doing so), I will now post all changes in this thread. This morning I've uploaded several pictures from London...
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    Great Central Railway Diesel Gala 29/03/2014

    A few photos from todays gala at the GCR can be viewed here. Great weather, but the timetable went out of the window as soon as 33116 broke down at Loughborough Central at 10:00 that morning! And then there was a major points failure at Loughborough at 12:30, so it didn't go as well as it...
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    West Midlands Day Ranger 01/03/2014

    A few pics from a West Midlands Day Ranger yesterday: Includes a few from Crewe Heritage Centre, Chiltern 67s and 86259 on the Cumbrian Mountain Express.
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    YouTube Railway program list

    There are often requests on here for railway training films and documentaries that are on youtube, so I thought in order to tidy things up a bit I would create a list of popular youtube videos on various aspects of the railway. Rolling Stock ScotRail Class 170 Turbostars: A walk around of the...
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    London 01/02/2014

    Some pictures from a day bashing in London yesterday:
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    Permitted Routes Nuneaton to London

    Hi all, I'm just wondering what the permitted routes are for journeys between Nuneaton and London Terminals? For £27.45 YP I can go ''Direct'', but I have to pay an extra £3.50 for the ''Any Permitted'' fare. I'm just wondering which routes would be valid on the latter fare and whether or not...
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    What to do in London (railway related)

    Hi all, I'm going down to London on Saturday 1st February and I'm wandering how to spend my day down there, doing railway related stuff. I'll probably be bashing a few of the last c-stock, and I'm just wandering where the best places for trainspotting/photography are in London that I haven't...
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    How can I improve my site?

    Basically, I've received a number of abusive messages recently from the (now removed) comments section on the site so... I'm now asking whether you have any ideas/suggestions on how I can improve the website. I'm in the process of a major re-organisation (see Locos and DMU section for how...
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    Cycling: How to make it safer?

    I found this article on the BBC News website: I am pro-cyclist, and not being able to drive a car yet, use my bike a lot as a mode of transport to get around my area, partly because bus fares are ridiculous in my opinion and it's a form of exercise as well. But, after the recent spate of...
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    London 'Great Escape' 23/10/2013

    A selection of pictures from a day in London yesterday can be viewed here. Enjoy! (Pictures include Kings Cross Square, a couple of Freightliners at Stratford, The view from the Emirates Airline and Networkers at London Bridge.)
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    43074's London Trip 02/09/2013

    I arrived at Leicester station on the morning of the 2nd September, bound for London, armed with my 16-25 Railcard. I purchased 3 tickets I would require for the day: Anytime Return Leicester to Nuneaton, Off Peak Return Nuneaton to London Euston and Zones 1 - 6 Day Travelcard, which all told...
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    Photography at DLR Stations

    Hi all, I will be going to London on 2nd September, and I intend to spend approximately half an hour at Shadwell DLR station photographing c2c units (between 17:00 and 17:30). Should I have any problems taking photographs for my own use at Shadwell? Also, if DLR have any photography...