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  1. Jordy

    WLL oddity

    Looks like the inbound terminated at Selhurst and then presumably went into the depot: "A planning error" seems to come up fairly often on RTT, the actual reason for the cancellation on NRE is the usual "A shortage of train drivers".
  2. Jordy

    Locomore Stuttgart to Berlin

    News article about the relaunch here:
  3. Jordy

    Favourite automated announcement chimes and jingles.

    There's a load of Czech chimes here Vyšehrad (Bedřich Smetana) is used at Praha hln (occasionally, if the announcements stop for long enough!)
  4. Jordy

    New voice CIS on SWT

    I've approved the requests that were waiting!
  5. Jordy

    FIP in Germany

    InterRail is perfectly valid on ICE too, and there's no supplements and the like, in vast contrast to certain other countries!
  6. Jordy

    FIP in Germany

    You don't need any reservations (unless you want one to get a seat) for DB trains - with the exception of the few "ICE Sprinter" services as far as I know. FIP coupons are only valid on DB services and I don't believe any of the private operators offer discount - although I'm not 100%
  7. Jordy

    Red Pen 2016 - your new haulages

    Yes indeed, just did Milton Keynes - Watford on the return leg. Needed the 60 on the same tour but doing the whole thing was a bit much to get one extra engine in!
  8. Jordy

    Red Pen 2016 - your new haulages

    Having had what I believe will be my last winning loco of 2016 last night (90018) I today totalled up what I've had this year (locos only): Country Number of winners Austria 63 Bosnia 7 Bulgaria 5 Croatia 2 Czech 32 Denmark 21 France 30 Germany 142 Hungary 14 Ireland 4...
  9. Jordy

    Ticket issuing oddities

    The 15:55 is indeed booked loco hauled so you should be in luck. As for trams, you're right - these are now running to New Street.
  10. Jordy

    Frequently Requested Diagrams Discussion & Updates

    Yes you're right - the rest of the 319 diagrams shown in the thread are correct but 2B00 should be 2K02. I'm not aware of them having ever worked 2B00.
  11. Jordy

    NS (Dutch Railways) concludes deal with Alstom for new intercity

    Does anyone know what the plan is for the TRAXX 186 locos once these new things come in, given NS have just acquired a load of new ones?
  12. Jordy

    Copenhagen airport to central, with children?

    There are diagrams for the ME/EA locos on European Rail Gen. The diagrams seem to be fairly reliable - spent a couple of days covering them earlier in the year and things pretty much stuck to plan :)
  13. Jordy

    New Jubilee Line Announcements

    As far as I know the only change to the standard announcements is the addition of "Doors will open on the x hand side" - the rest of it is pretty much as before. The changes on the Northern line are more noticeable (although no "Doors will open on" - for now at least!)
  14. Jordy

    Applying for FIP Coupons

    Strange, I've used it successfully recently. Probably worth giving RST a ring, they're usually pretty helpful.
  15. Jordy

    Czech Republic

    Dragging this up a bit but I was in Czech over the past few days, covered the Ceske Bud - Nove Udoli and Rybnik - Lipno, both of which went as planned with 754 + DD stock on the Nove Udoli and a 210 on the Lipno. Below is what I posted on ERG which may be of interest: Thursday 19th May...
  16. Jordy

    LM Class 319 diagrams

    You can find them here - obviously they also work all services on the St Albans Abbey branch
  17. Jordy

    Thank you Paul, and sorry for not replying until now - I always miss visitor messages!

    Thank you Paul, and sorry for not replying until now - I always miss visitor messages!
  18. Jordy

    City Night Lines in the bin

    On a related but slightly off topic note, I see the Malmo - Berlin (via Sassnitz) sleeper is running again this summer:
  19. Jordy

    Hot drinks on board in Austria

    That's a new one to me as well! You're correct about the hot drinks on UK trolleys, they are effectively made using a large flask of boiling water - I'm not sure about those used now but the large older style ones can be plugged in to heat the water up.
  20. Jordy

    Staff Change - Jordy

    Why has my name gone all blue, and where have all my special powers gone?! :D Thanks for the messages everyone :)