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  1. Pete_uk

    New bridge at Stonehouse

    As part of the project to make the Stroudwater Navigation navigable up to Stroud (where the Thames and Severn canal (once owned by GWR) takes over and runs besides the railway up to Sapperton) a new bridge is requires a few miles south of Standish Junction. The first image is from an...
  2. Pete_uk

    Euro Tram Driving Championship

    So this is apparently a thing I think BT Sport are getting a bit desperate for sport to show! Events seem to include: Stop before the cone; Stop at the platform marker; Something involving a large cut out pedestrian; And hitting a inflated ball into inflated bowling pins.
  3. Pete_uk

    Disinfecting trains?

    Something I have often wondered about but more so now what with 'The Virus' going around. How much of a train (especially the bits humans touch) has disinfectant and or bleach put over it? I'm talking about tables, buttons hand grabs and buttons? (especially the London Underground/Overground)...
  4. Pete_uk

    Bradford-on-Tone incident (23/12)

    EDIT: Location is Bradford-on-Tone. One fatality unfortunately. Evening all Just been 'told' that a train has hit a car. The incident is being reported as being at: BRADLEY MILL HOUSE, WESTBURY ROAD, YARNBROOK TROWBRIDGE, BA14 6AB I've had a look on Google Earth and although there are a few...
  5. Pete_uk

    Why's my train late information

    I'm watching a few late trains on the GWML including 1G11 which seems to make up then loose time. I know some people have access to information systems which gives detailed information on what's going on. Is this information available anywhere for us not in the employ of the railways? Thanks in...
  6. Pete_uk

    Mainline tours schedule site

    Hi all, I used to use the very good UK Steam Info website which was quick and easy to see if something was coming down through Kemble and Stroud. Sadly the owner of the site has been very unwell and it has not been updated. I'm struggling to find a similar site where a quick and simple look can...
  7. Pete_uk

    Question about email alerts

    Hi all wasn't sure where to put this, but I have left the box blank where you can have the option to receive email alerts when someone posts to a watch thread, however i still get emails saying someone has posted in 'such and such' topic. Is there something I'm missing? My deleted email box...
  8. Pete_uk

    Flying Scotsman Paddington to Worcester

    Hi all, The timings for the Scotsman tour on Saturday 15th June are being kept a bit quite, but is there anywhere I could get an idea of what the approximate timings (specifically down the Stroud valley line) will be. Thanks for any info
  9. Pete_uk

    £3.7M for Gloucester station

    I'm on my tablet so excuse me if something goes wrong.