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  1. frodshamfella

    Why is Chester Station so grotty

    Chester is a popular city for visitors, yet it's station leaves a lot to be desired. I passed through last Saturday, and it really is a grubby place. Its such a shame as the building is pretty grand.
  2. frodshamfella

    1st Class GWR

    I recently travelled from Runcorn to Exeter via London. I was very much looking forward to GWRs first class, but found it very disappointing . I left Paddington at lunch time and was amazed the catering offered nothing for lunch, not even a sandwich. Biscuits , Cake or Crisps was about it. So I...
  3. frodshamfella

    London Transport Route 124A

    I was brought up in the Bexley area and as a kid I remember seeing the Sunday afternoon only 124A to Bexley Hospital. At the Bexley Hospital terminus it looked like the bus would do a turn in the road, I never saw this happen, or it could have continued up to the roundabout over the A2 to...
  4. frodshamfella

    Memories of Broad Street

    I used this station a few times when I was in my teens. I remember the first time I arrived into the main station concourse and being so shocked to see how run-down is was. I had a friend in Gunnersbury at the time so wanted to try this route, which I found very interesting as it weaved its way...
  5. frodshamfella

    Bus 48 Northwich - Frodsham

    This rural route lost its Saturday service a few years ago unfortunately. A more recent change is on Wednesdays the service for part of the day is numbered 48A and is routed via Cuddington. Morning and afternoon services revert back to 48 to cater for schools. Service is every 2 hours.
  6. frodshamfella

    Avanti fares

    Have I just been unlucky or are the fares on Avanti really expensive ? Bought two lots of tickets from Runcorn to Euston mid week day return 2nd class £ 200 each. They were purchased on different days completely, one much further in advance but it made no difference. I have a friend trying...
  7. frodshamfella

    Rural London Underground

    I don't live int he SE anymore, but i've always found those underground lines that venture far out of the built out areas quite curious and slightly out of place as I always associate "The Tube" in central London. I have been on the Central Lines as far as Epping once, and I went to Stanmore...
  8. frodshamfella

    Ongar Aldwych and others

    I have always liked travelling by train and became more interested more in the mode as a teenager. In the 80s poss 90s also , certain lines closed before I managed to sample them. I was living in Bexleyheath in those days, I managed to travel from Ellmers End to Sanderstead , I also went to...
  9. frodshamfella

    19.07 London Euston to Liverpool Lime St

    I travelled on this service last Thursday. To my surprise it operated non stop to Runcorn, this is something I've not experienced since BR days. Is the new or are there other services operating north and south the same ?
  10. frodshamfella

    Memories on Greenline 725 route

    I am interested if anyone used or had memories of this route ? Many years ago I lived in Bexleyheath, the town lost it's Greenline link for a long time when the 701 ( 702 earlier again) Ascot to Gravesend route finished. The 725 used to travel west from Gravesend and Dartford through Crayford...
  11. frodshamfella

    Options to electrify Ellesmere Port to Helsby?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #7 originally in this thread. I suppose the other option is extend the 3rd rail to Helsby, but I suppose this would cost .$$$$$$$
  12. frodshamfella

    Issues with 16.34 Lime St to Birmingham

    On a number of Saturday's after shopping or going to a Museaum in Liverpool city centre, I've returned to Liverpool Lime Street to find this service cancelled. No big deal you may say there is another at 17.04 half an hour is time enough for a coffee. Except if you want to alight at Acton...
  13. frodshamfella

    LT bus 126 ( 1970s)

    I used to Live in Bexleyheath, one thing I always found odd , was why was the LT bus 126 extended to Bexleyheath on a Sunday ( in those days no one did anything much on a Sunday !) so why / If it was extended Mon- Fri peak hours or Saturday shopping hours I'd understand it. I think it normally...
  14. frodshamfella

    Liverpool Northbound new services

    After chatting on here about the new Scottish services which is like to learn a bit more of , if it is 3 per day do they divide to serve Glasgow and Edinburgh or will it be 3 to each city ?
  15. frodshamfella

    Historical Liverpool to Scotland through service via Ormskirk

    Moderators note: split from When will TPE direct Liverpool to Glasgow and Edinburgh trains start running? At one time i think all Scottish trains went via Ormskirk.
  16. frodshamfella

    My journey during the Euston weekend closures

    I had to travel to London yesterday as I had tickets to see a matinee at 2.30pm. So this was my experience, I didn't use what any of the train company web sites offered me which were quite bizarre routes, I'm sure one had me arrive at Waterloo somehow! I travelled 0852 Runcorn to New Street...
  17. frodshamfella

    Ellmers End to Sanderstead/ Addiscome , Charing Cross to Bromley Nth

    I'm interested to hear accounts of anyone who used to regularly use these service either regular commuters or otherwise . There is on the Grove Park to Bromley North running now, I've always found these Southeast London branch lines interesting. As is the West Croyden to Wimbledon which I...
  18. frodshamfella

    Memories of London Country

    I was brought up in Bexleyheath and as a lad I remember the local routes of London Country. I'm talking of 1970s, routes 400 401 401A 486. Plus the 491 from Belvedere to Horton Kirby and 467 from Sidcup to the same destination. Does anyone remember this period ?
  19. frodshamfella

    Station or line you wish you had used on or used a bit more ?

    For me, Elmers End to Selsdon and Sanderstead, only did this once just before line closed all together. Also to get off at Eltham Park never did that. To have used services from North Woolwich to Stratford, only did this once on a DMU. Also to have gone from Epping to Ongar, didn't do that, or...
  20. frodshamfella

    Charing Cross to Maidstone West service

    Does anyone recall the peak hour services from Charing Cross to Maidstone West and Gillingham which divided at Strood ? From what I remember the service ran via Sidcup, certainly in the 80s, but im not sure when this through route stopped all together ? Interestingly I came across some headcodes...