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    Danish & Czech Railway Museums

    Myself and Mrs Mouse have got two short breaks coming up, one to Denmark and one to the Czech Republic. As part of the trips I would like to get some railway action and would like to see the respective Railway Museums, however considering the Mrs is not really a fan of railways I would like...
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    China Railway documentary, late 80's

    Just a question really, can anybody remember a documentary on China Railway in the late 80's. It was presented by a lady who's Father had something to do with the Birmingham Railway Centre (?). I really would like to see it again but as I don't know its name, the person who presented its name or...
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    Manchester - Staines

    Just judging peoples opinion really. From Manchester to Staines there are 2 tickets a 'Route Any Permitted' and 'Route London'. Now I am 100% sure that the cheaper 'Any Permitted' is valid via London and that its just an anomality however a friend of mine was told that it was not valid via...
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    Calais Frethun

    I'm planning a short day trip to Calais and I wonder what facilities there are at Frethun Station. I have a long wait for a connecting RER train to Calais Ville and same on return. I know there is a free shuttle bus but I really want to do it by rail. Are there any facilities at the station...
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    Le Shuttle, Eurolines?

    Is anyone aware of any public coaches (Eurolines or others) that run via the Shuttle or do all use cross channel ferries? Cheers :)
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    Vicar up on Voyeurism charge He is a crank too :roll:
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    Class 31 at Northallerton 14/01/13

    Hi anyone know which NR 31 was on a test train passing Northallerton on Monday afternoon at about 12.20 heading North? Cheers
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    Is it a bit desparate to do this....

    The Birmingham International - Airport People Mover?? I'm having a mini-bash in the West Midlands at the end of the month and I'm considering having a spin on it. In connection with it I have several of questions; 1) Is it classed as an Insect move? 2) Does it count for mileage? 3) Do...
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    Stations managed by operators that do not stop there

    Apologies if in wrong section. Can anyone confirm if I am correct in thinking that Lockerbie is the only station on the newtwork that is managed by an operator that does not have any trains stopping there?
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    Tyneside 3rd rail

    I am interested in finding pictures of the various 3rd rail EMU's that were used on Tyneside, especially the 2 EPB's. Does anyone know of any sites containing such shots? The odd ones you find tend to be the same shots! Also is anyone aware of any publications on the electric network? Cheers!
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    Bugs aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!

    I'm currently on holiday in China with the Wife and I had a horrible experience with a Cockroach. My wife thinks im acting like a girl but I screamed while having a poop on one of those horrible squat toilets a huge one was trying to climb out. I managed to flush the chain to send the critter...
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    Deutsche Reichsbahn/East German Railways

    I'm not sure if anyone on here will have the answer but here goes. Prior to re-unification of Germany in the days of the Berlin Wall the railways of Germany were split. East German Railways was the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) and West German Railways was the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB). An odd (but...
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    Selection of snaps on my Flickr

    Just had a trawl through some old stuff (well a few year old) and have made a new set of a mixed bag of 20 snaps; I will try and do this each Month. Please feel free to comment! :)
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    MK1 Horsebox at NRM Shildon

    Hi, I recently had a trip to 'Locomotion' at Shildon and I am updating photos on Flickr. Does anyone know the number (as preserved), the lot number, date built and date withdrawn and any brief facts about the carriage. The NRM website is useless when it comes to anything other than steam...
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    Any news on this metro incident?

    Apolgies if in wrong section, Mods please feel free to move to relevent section if this is the case. Has anyone got any information on this incident that happened either before of after the Newcastle vs Sunderland match? I hope it was not the referbished set...
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    Snowdon Mountain Railway

    We should be visiting North Wales on the weekend of 17th-18th March and we were planning on going on the Snowdon Mountain Railway but their website's information is very vague. Basically I want to know if the trains will be going all the way to the summit, what traction will be in operation and...
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    Am I looking too early for flights?

    During my Annual leave this Summer we are flying from the UK to China. We are flying from either Newcastle or Manchester to Chengdu, however our first two options (KLM from Newcastle change at Amsterdam and Etihad from Manchester change at Adu Dhabi) are showing as mega expensive online. 2 years...
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    Channel Tunnel question

    Does anyone know if the SNCF BB22300 loco's that were used to haul freight through the Chunnel when it first opened, and which sported yellow ends and RFD decals were given TOPS numbers? Cheers Gary
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    Trouble at Mill?

    Last night whilst at work I had the following scenario. A stopping service to a destination on a different route was cancelled and I had passengers with tickets to destinations on the line on which the cancelled train was supposed to run. One passenger, who was going to the destination of the...
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    Class 80 & 450's in Northern Ireland

    Apologies if already discussed elsewhere. Myself and Mrs Mouse are having a short break in Northern Ireland between 27th & 30th of June. Unknown to the Mrs part of the reason for the jaunt is to partake in my last chance of classic Ulster traction. Does anyone have any information a) diagrams...