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  1. coradiafan2000

    Joke Announcement at Littlehampton during Slam Door stock farewell tour 2005

    When browsing YouTube this morning I came across this bizarre and funny announcement made at Littlehampton during "The Sussex Slammer" railtour in November 2005. I wish we had Eurostars up in the Valleys! Putting this on here on the off chance that someone has any memories of this railtour...
  2. coradiafan2000

    TfW Ticket Machine Problems

    Hope this is the right place to put this... It's been bugging me for a while. Back in October I purchased tickets online (through the GWR website, if that turns out to be somehow relevant), and had to collect them from the self service ticket machine at my local station (Merthyr Tydfil). I...
  3. coradiafan2000

    Most beautiful train in the UK?

    As there is a thread on here discussing ugly trains, I thought it would be nice to discuss the best looking trains we currently have! :) I'd say the following for me: Steam: A4 Pacific in LNER blue. Diesel loco: Class 43 HST DMU: Class 180 Adelante EMU: Class 397 I'm interested to hear...