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  1. Bayum

    Hebden Bridge route closure - stock allocations

    A friend was complaining to me that due to the closure of the Hebden Bridge - Manchester route all the services on the east of the Pennines are 155s. Any ideas to the validity of his claims?
  2. Bayum

    London bashing

    Had an interesting day around and about London. Set off first to Kennington to sample the extended Northern line to Battersea Power Station. Very well done at Nine Elms and the moving colour wall at Battersea helps to bring it to life. Was a good ride out but extremely noisy. Be interesting to...
  3. Bayum

    London tomorrow - trains to play on?

    I’m down in London tomorrow for the marathon on Sunday. Thinking about playing about on the network tomorrow. Planning on: Northern line extension, 710/720 with LO and GA. Any other ideas? I’ve never done a 450 or service out of Waterloo and wouldn’t mind a quick jaunt. I’d like to try a 745...
  4. Bayum

    Bonfire events cancelled 2021

    Thought it would be interesting to see how many similar sized bonfires across the country would be taking place this year. Leeds city council have announced that none of the council led bonfire or firework shows will be taking place. Haven’t heard from Harrogate yet. Quoted article below:
  5. Bayum

    M62 Smart Motorway speed control.

    Made a number of journeys to Manchester this weekend. I noticed that there are a number of yellow speed cameras (Hadecs 3) but also potentially cameras installed on the overhead gantries as there were the speed camera interval lines painted in the road. How do the latter of these work? Are they...
  6. Bayum

    Only some trains marked as ‘reversing here’

    I’ve just been reading through the ‘Bridlington long distance train’ thread and had a quick look on RealtimeTrains to see what the current service is like. I’ve noticed that not all trains are marked as ‘reversing here’ but don’t all trains have to reverse at Hull?
  7. Bayum

    Plymouth shooting incident - 12/08/21

    Anyone know what’s gone on? 1628797112 [Edit 20:38] Unconfirmed reports of shootings and stabbings. From Sky News (21:51)
  8. Bayum

    1S23 - 18 car 80x to Edinburgh

    I’m assuming this diagram was meant to be a 9 car unit but swapped with another 9 car and RTT can’t cope with the change?
  9. Bayum

    City Zap Leeds - York alternative route

    On my way back from York yesterday (Sunday 11th July), I met a City Zap service between the ring road roundabout and Rufforth. Is this a usual alternative route? Was something going on with the A64 yesterday?
  10. Bayum

    Certain meds - an automatic no?

    Are there any meds in the handbook that are an absolute no to working on the railway? Is there a list available publicly?
  11. Bayum

    Why do Chiltern and Southern have 4 car 170s and XC et al do not?

    Surely it would make sense to have a longer 170 variant, even on some of the routes the turbos first started on? I know ‘hindsight’ is a big thing but was there any reason other than cost that they weren’t ordered?
  12. Bayum

    New rail station - Leeds

    With the green light being given for work in West Yorkshire/Manchester, one of the articles I read mentioned a new station for the Leeds area. Any idea what this is? I’ve been painfully ignorant.
  13. Bayum

    Has anyone retrained after working up pay scales - impact of life

    As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be in a clinical role or in education. I’m 7 years into primary education and, for the moment, I’m enjoying it, continuing to enjoy the challenge and supporting my cohorts snd colleagues. There will come a time, however, when I will retrain as a nurse or...
  14. Bayum

    Bromsgrove 90mph for metres

    I was watching a few videos to get an idea of how fast 323s get travelling up the Lickey. 323 from Bromsgrove As the train leaves Bromsgrove, there’s a change in the speed limit from 40 to 90 but then drops immediately to 80. Clearly there’s a reason for this - anyone know what?
  15. Bayum

    Is there a way to see individual charges against an unregistered debit card for TfL?

    I’ve got £20 coming out tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I didn’t do £20 worth of travelling round London yesterday! Any ideas?
  16. Bayum

    Northern ECML disruption

    Got caught in the fun and games this evening trying to get back from Kings Cross. I understand there’s been an issue with trespass and then urgent track works canning multiple trains north of Doncaster/York. Any ideas what’s gone on?
  17. Bayum

    Seatfrog - bidding closed early

    I was going to upgrade to first class for my journey on Thursday but apparently there are no upgrades available? How/why does this happen? Are they only allocated a number of seats and once they’re taken up they’re gone type thing?
  18. Bayum

    FGW ‘ticket price scandal‘

    History of the Class 180 Was watching this this morning. 4:20 the narrator mentions a ‘ticket price scandal’ with FGW. Is this the 11% hike in Advance fares? I can’t find much else to support the idea of a ‘scandal’
  19. Bayum

    Do 86s on freight ever work independently?

    Not sure if I’m just seeing the wrong YouTube videos, but every 86 working I see (bar Caledonian Sleeper) is running as a pair. Do any 86s on freight work Independently? Why?
  20. Bayum

    Are things designed/engineered to break purposely?

    I think we’ve all had that experience where something breaks just out of its warranty period but actually you expected it to last a lot longer given the price and whatever function you bought it for. Are items engineered/designed to break at some non-safety related point? Cheap parts, essential...