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  1. Chris125

    St Blazey

    Some great news in the latest Steam Railway magazine - Barrow Hill's Mervyn Allcock has reportedly signed a 7-year lease on some of the facilities at St Blazey, including the turntable: He cautions that it won't be a 'Barrow Hill version 2' but...
  2. Chris125

    Island Line Runaway?

    Does anyone know, or can find out, information about the runaway train described in the blog post below? I was vaguely aware of this anecdotally and had heard of changes at Shanklin to prevent a repeat, yet this potentially disastrous...
  3. Chris125

    New roof appendage for the 483s?

    First we had white 5G aerials above each cab, but now both 483s in use have acquired black boxes on the roof, visible in the videos below near the middle of the train. Any ideas? I'm guessing it's another 5G aerial, but could it be related to the line's upgrade? Cab radio perhaps?
  4. Chris125

    Island Line Upgrade

    Details are beginning to emerge of the major works coming next winter, with thanks to the IW Bus Users Group - According to SWR's programme manager for the project: Design work is 75% complete. Platforms heights will be raised or track lowered to...
  5. Chris125

    Reliability of existing class 483 stock on IoW railway

    The big story today is that a two-train service has finally resumed, presumably marking the long awaited return of 007 from it's lengthy overhaul?
  6. Chris125

    NER 'Electric Autocar'

    I think this project may have passed this forum by, but the NER 'Electric Autocar' is nearing completion at Embsay. "There’s still work to do but we’ve set a launch date in October. This is for members and supporters, but the general public will have their chance as soon as possible afterwards"...
  7. Chris125

    Brighton Belle

    With the first test runs expected this year some photos have now emerged of the progress being made. The June 2015 edition of Pullman & CIWL News shows on pages 41-45 the body of Car 85 as well as a general update of how the project is progressing, further TV appearances, a possible event at...
  8. Chris125

    HS2 Heathrow Spur Dropped

    BBC - HS2: Heathrow spur plans dropped by transport minister An inevitable, common sense decision - the high cost, limited frequency and wasteful use of paths for the likely traffic was never going to be justified. Presumably Higgins will suggest an alternative use for the paths this frees...
  9. Chris125

    Q3 Passenger Journeys Up 6.7%

    The data for Q3 (October-December) 2014/15 is now available: Passenger journeys up 6.7% on Q3 2013/14 Passenger km up 6.5% Revenue up 9.0% L&SE Passenger Journeys up 8.0% / Passenger km up 6.8% / Revenue up 9.6% Regional Passenger Journeys up 3.1% / Passenger km up 5.0% /...
  10. Chris125

    Passenger Journeys increase by 4.4%

    ORR Passenger Usage Report Not only have passenger journeys increased but as Roger Ford pointed out "after a couple of years flatlining passenger km are rising again in all three sectors": London & South East passenger kilometres increased by 2.8%, Long Distance was up 5.5% and Regional up...
  11. Chris125

    Sussex RUS draft out for consultation

    South East Route: Sussex Area Route Study Draft for Consultation I think this is probably worth it's own thread, there's no shortage of talking points. Perhaps of the...
  12. Chris125

    4-VEP heading to Ilford

    The Bluebell-owned 4-VEP 3417, looked after by the SETG, is heading from it's recent storage at Clapham Junction to Ilford Depot for restoration. The Bluebell's Facebook page has the following announcement: Chris
  13. Chris125

    Overground Old Oak Common Consultation

    A consultation has been launched on a future London Overground interchange at Old Oak Common: click here for information and to reply Through the Options Assessment Report they've narrowed it down to three possibilities: - Option A would involve one new station to the west of the HS2 station...
  14. Chris125

    Brentford shuttles for Steam Railmotor confirmed

    The operation of shuttles on the freight-only Brentford branch have now been confirmed, using Didcot's Steam Railmotor: Chris
  15. Chris125

    Proposal for Crossrail extension to be announced

    BBC - WCML Crossrail extension to be considered It seems the DfT may have been persuaded by the arguments in favour of an Old Oak Common-Wembley connection, with the Transport Secretary due to announce that an extension of Crossrail up the WCML will be considered by the government to reduce...
  16. Chris125

    Midland Metro Extensions

    On top of the work already underway to extend the line to Birmingham New St, 'City Deal' funding has been announced for extensions heading east and south of the City Centre: Chris
  17. Chris125

    Councillors approve Blackpool Tramway extension

    Blackpool Councillors approve North Station tram extension Chris
  18. Chris125

    Steam on the Met - Hammersmith and Chesham

    After the success of last year's runs, they will now be repeated between Hammersmith (H&C) & Moorgate on consecutive Saturdays in August, followed by a weekend takeover of the Chesham Branch. Chris
  19. Chris125

    TfL to order new units for WAML

    TfL have released their latest draft Business Plan which has some details on what they plan to do with the devolved WAML services - this is expected to include the procurement of up to 30 4-car units plus those for Gospel Oak-Barking electrification, which itself could be extended to a new...
  20. Chris125

    'Rail journeys up by a quarter in 5 years'

    A rail statistics fact sheet has just been released by the DfT - Rail Trends Great Britain 2012/13 Chris