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    Conveyance of Rubbish

    Back in the days of steam, how was rubbish conveyed? For example, were the bags loaded into open wagons, and then covered with tarpaulins to ensure the bags didn't fly out?
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    Andre Chapelon's Innovations

    I've been doing some reading on modern steam, and have come across Andre Chapelon. His work sounds incredible! However, I do question if any of his innovations would work for a tank engine. Here's a link to a white paper from the Coalition of Sustainable Rail, where it seems to only address...
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    Porta Water Treatment

    Hello there, I was wondering how the Porta Water Treatment system works. I've been looking all over the Internet, but haven't found much information explaining how it works. Any information about how the Porta Water Treatment system works would be appreciated.
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    Solar Power

    How do heritage railways use solar power to preheat the water for the steam locomotives? Also, are there other ways heritage railways have used or have tried using solar power in regard to steam locomotives?
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    Firefighting Equipment on LBSCR D1s

    But if the water came from the loco's tanks, wouldn't that cause a problem? After all, it'd be dangerous to not have water whilst having a fire going in the firebox.
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    Firefighting Equipment on LBSCR D1s

    I've recently learned about the LBSCR D1s, and was amazed to hear that a couple of these engines were equipped with water pumps and firefighting equipment. But I'm curious to know: where were the water pumps located on the locomotive? Where was the firefighting equipment located on the...
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    Midland Railway - Butterley: D2138 Engine Appeal

    Hello everyone! The Midland Railway - Butterley needs help in raising funds in order to buy a replacement engine for D2138. Link to donate on FB is available below. Facebook
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    Accidents on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

    Does anyone know of any accidents, both major and minor, that happened on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway?
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    How Would the J70 Class Steam Tram Function

    Okay. Thank you for answering my questions. Helps me out a lot.
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    How Would the J70 Class Steam Tram Function

    Thank you for the article. However, it didn't really help with answering my questions.
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    How Would the J70 Class Steam Tram Function

    Hello, I have several questions regarding how the J70 class steam tram would function. As you'll see, I have little to no knowledge on steam trams. 1. Where would the firebox be located? Is it located in the cab closest to the chimney, or in the cab that'd be at the rear of the locomotive? 2...
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    Other Goods Traffic on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

    While I understand that the R&ER had ballast traffic, what other goods did the railway deal with?
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    Other Goods Traffic On the Talyllyn Railway

    What is the signaling system on the Talyllyn Railway?
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    Other Goods Traffic On the Talyllyn Railway

    Who is the author of "Talyllyn Pioneers"? I'd like to buy a copy so I can learn more about the goods traffic. I might as well ask here instead of making a new thread completely. What kind of signaling system does the Talyllyn Railway use? For instance, do they use single line working?
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    Other Goods Traffic On the Talyllyn Railway

    I understand upon reading their history section on their website that the Talyllyn Railway dealt with slate. I was wondering if they handled any other goods traffic, either as they were still a railway company or amongst the years they have been a heritage railway.
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    Railway Management

    So, in terms of Control, how would they track the progress of a train? So, let's say Train X is running late. Would a signal-man call Control to report that Train X hadn't passed their box, and Control giving instructions to allow for other trains that were running on time to get priority...
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    Railway Management

    I am absolutely confused about how railway management used to be done during the age of steam. For example, what exactly are the Board of Director's duties? What does the General Manager do? How are trains scheduled in order to avoid delays? What is a Control Office, and what are the duties of...
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    Successful Running of BR Class 17 D8568

    I was reading about the BR Class 17, and how only D8568 is preserved by the Diesel Traction Group. But I'm struggling to learn what they did to make D8568 work successfully after many years of problems.
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    Stephenson's Rocket Working Life

    I'm curious to know what duties Stephenson's Rocket did during its working life. Did the locomotive pull passengers/goods trains? Did the locomotive work at a mine or harbor?