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    Isn't it time something was done with CrossCountry?

    When travelling on CrossCountry, you often climb aboard a cramped class 220 or 221 which smells, is unclean and extremely busy. Instead of wasting money on things such as HS2, why aren't the DFT awarding more trains or coaches to CrossCountry to relieve such busy routes? On a service from...
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    Cheap tickets to London from Southampton.

    To get to London from Southampton with South west trains, as a family of four (2 adults, 2 children) can be very expensive. With an Off peak day return costing £125.70 even when booked in advance! With the quickest journey being 68 minutes long. To get to London from Southampton with...
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    First class travel.. Cheap or expensive?

    As you have probably heard a lot of people say, it depends. For example, if you decided to book a single ticket to Edinburgh from London Kings cross, first class and booked in advance... It would be £75. And if you had a 16 - 25 railcard it would be £47, which is very good value compared to the...
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    The 390 'Pendolino'

    We all know the Pendolino. It's a fast train, yes however it can not even get to it's top speed due to speed restrictions on the West coast mainline. So why were the class 390s chosen to do the job of delivering passengers up and down the country on the west coast mainline? Well, were network...
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    2 car VEP

    A 2 car VEP is hidden away in a siding in Eastleigh. It's in the original Southwest trains livery and is looking very shabby. It's number 3417
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    What's your favorite train to see when out trainspotting?

    There are so many different trains on the network including electric or diesel locomotives or DMUs and EMUs... It would be interesting to see what trains people like or prefer to others. Personally, my favourite class is the 222 'Meridian' in East Midlands trains livery.
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    The Southwest trains class 158/9

    Southwest trains operate 159 trains on West of England Main Line and they operate their 158s on the Eastleigh to Romsey Line. Sometimes they send 159 services from Salisbury to Bristol or Portsmouth. These trains are reliable, comfortable and quick. Southwest trains upgraded their fleet so the...
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    First class travel - Over rated?

    We're all aware that first class is a nice thing to be able to have but... On a train is it really worth it? I travelled on Southern trains class 377 from Southampton to Brighton and went first class to see the difference. I payed £120 more and all I got was a free bottle of water and a slightly...