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  1. The exile

    Centro 150s at Reading

    While sorting out old photos, I came across this one of a 6-car Centro-liveried 150 formation at that well-known West Midlands location, Reading. I assume some crisis in the Birmingham area was behind its exciting day out, but have no idea of the date, other than that it was probably in the...
  2. The exile

    Station Names on Platform Lights

    There was a time when platform lights incorporating the station name were a common sight - at least in certain areas. (I particularly associate them with the Kings Cross outer suburban area - but obviously they weren't confined to there!) There are clearly one or two survivors (like this one...
  3. The exile

    Lineside Chain Markers (?)

    Whilst travelling on the Chessington branch on Saturday I noticed small yellow numbered markers stuck into the ground lineside, which appeared to be "chainposts" (as the ones either side of a 1/2 mile post were 39 and 41). Where I first noticed them they appeared to be at one chain intervals; at...