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  1. Am Broc

    Gaelic railway blog: Trèanaichean, tramaichean is tràlidhean

    Hi all, for any Scottish Gaelic speakers or learners out there who are interested in railways, I have been doing a Gaelic railway blog for few years. I started looking at Scottish railways as I tried to visit them all but now that I've visited all railways...
  2. Am Broc

    Bellahouston Park Halt

    Does anybody know where Bellahouston Park Halt in Glasgow was? It was a temporary halt on the Paisley Canal Line which served the empire exhibition in 1938. I live very close - near Dumbreck Station and was wondering if anybody knew where it was and if anybody has ever seen any pictures of it...
  3. Am Broc

    Cancelled train - who refunds? (Dispute with retailer!)

    Hi all, I have a trip booked tomorrow from Penzance to Glasgow which includes one Anytime ticket and two Advance tickets and which has now been cancelled. I ordered the tixx via Splitmyfare. They sent me a email on Friday saying that the trains have been cancelled and to contact them (well...
  4. Am Broc

    Railway blog in Scottish Gaelic - Bloga rèile ann an Gàidhlig na h-Alba

    Just a note to say that if there are any Gaelic speakers or learners on here that I have a railway blog - Trèanaichean, tramaichean is tràilidhean (trains, trams and trolleys): If you don't speak Gaelic, there are still some pretty pictures - or you can check...