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    RMT on a "war footing" to threaten a national strike

    An all out strike with the RMT is probably just what this government would like right now to distract from all their self inflicted issues. And just at the time where any strike will have the least impact on the country; really can't see how the RMT can win this one. (BTW I assume this will...
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    Leeds station is currently the busiest in the north

    True but that's a couple of bad platforms rather than a full Shedfull. Btw wasn't there an extraction system at Man Vic or did I imagine that?
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    Leeds station is currently the busiest in the north

    I'd say it's the most diesel fumed station in the North due to all over roof and multiple diesel services idling away
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    RMT threaten strike action on.........Thameslink

    Yes it's really not clear. Was the issue that the infected toilets were 'locked out of use' but the sets remained in service until they were fully cleaned? Edit: no it's not that I've just realised Thameslink said they were taken out of service.
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    World's most complex trackwork?

    Completely different scale to most answers here, but the Lisbon tram (electrico) has some mind bending curves simultaneously on the x, y and z axis
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    HS2 construction updates

    Is there a flyover drone video of the current work?
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    Scotrail future plans for network enhancements

    Is there a thread on the WCML North of HS2 phase 2?
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    Scotrail future plans for network enhancements

    I can see them pushing for 100% bio-diesal in all rail refuelling points in Scotland in the next 5 years.
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    Cornwall sleeper train - current experience

    Nice; currently only allowing 8 people in it so get there early. (Probably changed by the time you travel) Also allows you to BYO and the steward joked that he wouldn't charge corkage. (Not sure if this was official or not) Top bunk gives you a better night than the bottom one...
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    Scotrail future plans for network enhancements

    I'd say it was the other way around, the pink is the non-wired sections which would require the B of the BEMU and the blue bits are to be wired. (Why would you wire the last few miles to Tweedbank?) But the dates are a bit confusing; I'd treat it as an aspiration rather than gospel
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    Cornwall sleeper train - current experience

    Yeah maybe I should re-post my idea of an HST sleeper in the speculative section. (What's the rolling stock equivalent of a crayonista?)
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    Cornwall sleeper train - current experience

    Just had a few nights down in St Ives via the sleeper train (both ways) and these are my thoughts: * On board staff were excellent; smoothed over any issues and friendly and helpful. * Full tray breakfast service is suspended but they are doing an acceptable reheated bacon roll * Passengers...
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    Kings cross LU - Pentonville Road entrance

    This entrance does seem a bit of unfinished business; the only bit of railway that hasn't been redeveloped in the area. It seems to have been forgotten about.
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    Is it energised to there? Or just the wires strung up?
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    20mph Mirfield - Wakefield

    It certainly feels like it crawls along in that section, though whether that is because of line speed or the signalling I dont know
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    Biden Infrastructure Program and Amtrak

    Hopefully they'll resume operations before the Orlando extension is completed; that looks at a guess to be at least 18 months away
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    Luton DART and Luton Airport Parkway Updates

    Another Fly-over video; looks 95% there, I think the next video will show the cars in motion
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    Do any LNER services divert in to London St Pancras International via High Speed 1 (the bit before the HS1 tunnel starts)

    Not the Belle Isle curve but the Silo Curve looks like it would link the ECML into St Pancras in the last S Baker rail atlas; no idea what reality is.
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    Edinburgh Tram developments

    Suprising amount that's stated as 'not started'; does this really mean, totally not started?