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  1. HSTEd

    Size of Northern Line Extension vs Jubilee Line Extension tunnels

    Does anyone know the specific rationale for the escalation from 4.35m tunnels on the Jubilee Line Extension to 5.2m on the Northern Line extension? My understanding was that the JLE tunnels did include a continuous evacuation walkway, which makes the extra size seem a little odd. Have...
  2. HSTEd

    Why was the Island Line electrified with the third rail system?

    Does anyone know, why the Island line was third rail in the first place? Given that is/was entirely self contained and the only stock on it would be ex-LU tube stock, why wasn't it laid for fourth rail? Even if the fourth rail was simply bonded to the running rails it would have avoided the...
  3. HSTEd

    Heat pumps and home electrical capacity

    If gas boilers really do get replaced en masse with heat pumps, a lot of people are going to get annoyed if they have 60A service supplies to their houses, as many do!
  4. HSTEd

    Total size of the UK rail fleet

    Does anyone know if there is an open-to-the-public way to get a record of just how large the "mainline-registered" rail fleet is? I suppose I could get passenger stock by cycling through the TOCs, but I have no idea how to estimate freight locomotives and "active" freight wagons. (ie. wagons...
  5. HSTEd

    Trivia: Lowest EPS speed limit on the network

    Well as you may or may not know, EPS speed limits are differential speeds used by Class 221s and Class 390s when their tilting system is operational. Obviously there are EPS 125 speed limits on the network, but what is the lowest EPS speed limit?
  6. HSTEd

    When is an underground station an underground station?

    Well, my understanding that underground railway stations must be manned 24 hours a day, for evacuation purposes. But when is an underground station actually underground? If you have a station in an open topped trench, is this underground? What if the trench is covered in a lightweight roof...
  7. HSTEd

    George Monbiot and a SRN Coach System

    Well, I am actually a fan of George Monbiot to a much greater degree than most environmentalists because of his not being anti nuclaer power - and I stumbled across a post on his blog from about ten years ago. Essentially he refers to the work...
  8. HSTEd

    Greater Manchester Bus Franchising Assessment

    So the Greater Manchester Combined Authority has posted notice that an assesment wil be carried out into the practicality of introducing bus franchising in the area. Does anyone know what this might involve and whether there will be any consultations in the near future? Although I doubt much...
  9. HSTEd

    The Argument for an Enlarged Loading Gauge

    As all the long timers in this forum will know, we regularly get threads regarding double decker trains - especially when some politician or other touts them as a solution to capacity problems. The following arguments are often cited against conversion to GC gauge or GB+ to utilise standard...
  10. HSTEd

    Bingham NET Extension Proposals

    So every so often it is proposed that the Nottingham tram system would be extended east towards Bingham My normal understanding is that such a system would consist of a relatively short section of tram line that then connects to the Grantham-Nottingham line with the remainder being run as a...
  11. HSTEd

    Reducing Journey times to Nevis Range

    This is a proper Crayonista thread - The objective is to reduce journey times between the country at large and the Nevis Range (the local station being Fort William). The route serving Fort William is currently considerably slower than others that stretch that far north. So if we assume a...
  12. HSTEd

    Double post prevention system removed and top poster list missing?

    So when did the double post prevention system get disabled? It is a little annoying since I used to just hit the reply key if I wanted to add a quote-reply to an existing post. Now I have to hit several other keys and its taking some getting used to.
  13. HSTEd

    Distributed rectification for third rail

    Well, for a long time now I have been talking about how advances in the design and performance of power electronics would effect the economics of third rail electrification and now it is time for me to finally write up one of my proposals. This is actually a rather simpler proposal than I...
  14. HSTEd

    50kV and High Capacity Rail

    I am often talking about the advantages of third rail versus 25kV in certain low-power and low-speed scenarios. Where the low capital cost overwhelms the operational savings of 25kV. Now, I want to talk about the other extreme. Extremely high service density routes, especially new construction...
  15. HSTEd

    Day Trip to Armathwaite from Leeds

    The national rail enquiries website seems to suggest that it is possible to travel from Leeds to Armathwaite by train but that the reverse journey is not possible. It suggests catching a bus to Appleby and joining the train there. Does anyone know what the actual situation is?
  16. HSTEd

    PlusBus with PRIV pass

    Does anyone know what the actual policy is regards to attempting to purchase a PRIV-discounted PlusBus ticket? I have searched online but there seems to be some confusion.
  17. HSTEd

    New battery charging technology to make OHLE redundant?

    Unless you are proposing a 400kV circuit be constructed to Paddington across Central London and absolutely massive transformers and other equipment be placed in and around the station - this is rather irrelevant. Faster charging means much much higher charging powers. Additionally, is...
  18. HSTEd

    Interconnect 1 Fares

    Hi, The stagecoach website is completely nonfunctional for me and Lincolnshire County Council has no fare information at all so does anyone know what the return fare is for Grantham to Lincoln on the Interconnect 1? Cheers.
  19. HSTEd

    Waterloo and City 1992 Stock

    Continuing my long history of rather esoteric questions, does anyone know whether the 4-car 1992 stock trains on the W&C are significantly different to the regular 1992 stock, and how much work it would take to convert the DM/NDM end pairs of the regular stock into more W&C style sets? ALso -...
  20. HSTEd

    GWR Reprimanded for misleading statements about ownership Well that is rather.... interesting.