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    Silverdale Colliery.

    in the 1990s there were regular trains from Silverdale to Liverpool docks, for export to Belfast, presumably for the NI domestic/industrial coal market.
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    Replica French/German/Swiss/British (delete as appropriate) locomotive produced and destroyed for new Mission Impossible film.

    You really don't want to work at a scrapyard or waste reception site...the perfectly good stuff that gets thrown in skips/ crushed, etc.! One waste reception site I worked at had a foreman who retrieved stuff and sold it on at antique shops/car boot sales...he ploughed the money back to the...
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    Vegetation management issues across the network?

    In bygone days I believe the highly effective sodium arsenite was used...frowned on now, I mean what could possibly go wrong?
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    Examples of "new and improved" products which are/were anything but...

    Shell launched new 'Formula Shell' petrol in the 1990s. However, a bit like the Persil quoted above, it had a new highly alkaline detergent in the petrol which dissolved exhaust valves, mainly in Vauxhalls, but also some Volvos and Volkswagens.
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    Conveyance of Rubbish

    Thomas Fresh, the first 'Inspector of Nuisances' appointed by Liverpool City Council is considered to be the first 'Public Health Inspector (the forerunner of our current Environmental Health Officers). He rented a house in Formby, and enlarged it to be his family home. He then petitioned the...
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    Withdrawn locos - how would you know

    It was a few days after 03/08/68 that I was making a journey from Liverpool to Manchester on the Chat Moss line. There were the usual steam shunters on the non BR sidings serving the collieries and power stations....what I had not expected to see was a steam loco on the main line pushing three...
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    Conveyance of Rubbish

    After the sewers were built came Davyhulme sewage works. The sludge from the sewage works were taken down the ship canal by boat (later a pipeline to Liverpool) and dumped in Liverpool Bay, started in 1898 and finished in 1998. Used to regularly see the 'sludge boats'. 1627000298 When I were a...
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    Chinook flyover Dorset coast today 19/07/21

    They ordered 14 new chinooks in May this year!
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    Chinook flyover Dorset coast today 19/07/21

    Item in the Liverpool Echo about helicopter flights over the next week. (A chinook flying over earlier the sound of it).
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    What procedures are followed when a person is hit by a train?

    I was recently talking to a person at the Samaritans who works on this project. They consider physical barriers, things that look like barriers, signs and where to put them (usually worded to encourage people to contact The Samaritans), closing off remote access/exit points, etc. I don't work on...
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    Question about freight train with steam locomotive

    It's not the Arnside bore. I've seen it and though you get 'standing waves', they don't look like the lines in the picture. From what has been revealed: I think that the quarry sidings development meant that good land drainage for the new sidings, and maybe the quarry too, led to channels being...
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    Question about freight train with steam locomotive

    It so flat, it looks like the sea (as in Morecambe Bay), with low earth or rubble walls alongside ditches to make estuarine grazing. It's a small signal box, I'm guessing it may be Meathop signal box in what is now Cumbria.
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    Cruise ships and vaccination requirements

    And, as had been pointed out to you before: this is NOT 'blatant' age discrimination, nowhere do the cruise lines demand that you have to be a certain age, other than the 'seniors' cruise line, Saga. If, say, you were a 20 year old NHS worker, who had received two vaccinations months ago then...
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    How should we treat risks from Sars-CoV-2 and influenza viruses in future?

    Not, perhaps, quarantine for the common cold...but the nastier flu viruses, something like Spanish flu or some of the bird flu types that we've had, then, yes, I think quarantine is not unreasonable. 'We understand things like gravity' ....well, yes, it's predictable enough to allow us to...
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    How should we treat risks from Sars-CoV-2 and influenza viruses in future?

    I don't advocate removing people's liberty (with the possible exception of quarantine), and didn't say so. I'm not speaking up for lunatics (with the exception of Howard Hughes who looks to have been right all along). I merely pointed out that the 'daily health check' already exists for some...
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    How should we treat risks from Sars-CoV-2 and influenza viruses in future?

    You do realise that this already happens. Many people are checking their blood pressure/pulse 24/7 with gadgets to alert you if it becomes concerning. Those with diabetes have to do a glucose test before they can drive a car, the gadget records the result with a time stamp...if you had an...
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    British Rail's ability to innovate compared with modern day train companies

    Indeed. I remember that, in the late 60/early 70s, these cost 2 guineas (£2.10) for an adult and 10 shillings (50p) for a child...and that was for 3 or 5 days travel (I'm struggling to remember), and was also valid on all Crosville bus services in the area, and a few other local bus operators...
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    HS2 viaduct - will we hear it?

    I used to work assessing noise from roads, and more rarely, railways. A very simple 'rule' is that, if you can see the railway (line of sight) then you will be able to hear it (I know it's not built yet, but you should be able to work out where it will be sited). However, if it's a kilometre...
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    Are the users of "Intercity" TOCs primarily long distance travelers or commuters?

    These surveys under represent commuters....I should know, i used to carry out the surveys. I used to do the Virgin passenger surveys on the was quite a long survey, about 40 questions, though most folk would skip a section because it didn't apply. Short distance commuters didn't...
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    Northwich Station Roof Collapse - 18/05/2021

    The gable end could be stabilised quite easily with some timbers and maybe a prop. It is the damaged section of canopy and ironwork which needs demolishing, which then weakens the whole structure, so may need extra support/protection. The electrical conduits have taken some damage too, so they...