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  1. hst43102

    Has the wearing of face masks become a left/right issue?

    I've noticed over the past couple of months that the wearing of face masks has become a very polarized left/right issue - almost similar to the situation in America. One only has to have a look at parliament - on the government side only a handful of MPs are masked up, whereas on the opposition...
  2. hst43102

    Trivia : Cities/Towns/Villages with unfortunate nicknames

    Off the back of the excellent "Bus firms with unfortunate nicknames" thread, what about places in the UK? I'm sure there are plenty...
  3. hst43102

    Part-time Jobs

    Hi everyone. I'm currently a university student, about to start my second year. I've been trying to get a part time job on the side so that I can have some extra money and also start to pay off my debts. I've applied for all the available positions in the area, with no positive results so...
  4. hst43102

    Alighting and re-boarding a booked service

    Hi, I was just wondering if it would be permitted to buy a ticket for a specific train (for example, the 0730 Kings Cross - Edinburgh), alight at a station en-route (for example, York) and then re-board a later train to Edinburgh. Would the ticket still be valid on the second train, or would...
  5. hst43102

    How many "life years" have we lost to Covid?

    Hi everyone, I had an idea this week, which I thought I would open up to everyone on here. Basically, how many years of life have we lost due to Covid? 1) Of the people who died, how long was each of them predicted to live for? 2) How many years of productivity/mental health have been lost...
  6. hst43102

    NHS app advertisments

    Just came across an advertisement on Youtube featuring somebody trying to get into the bar and being refused unless he scanned the app. Ended with the phrase "just get the app and scan the QR code. Not that difficult is it?" I thought it was a joke but then it turned out to be an NHS...
  7. hst43102

    What routes can 37/7s not work?

    Title says it all. What routes can other 37's work but not the heavier 37/7's? Thanks.
  8. hst43102

    Personal Political Beliefs : Has the pandemic made you move further left or right?

    I've just been reading the interesting thread about the left/right responses to Covid, and I was thinking about how this past year has changed my values and beliefs. Previously, I would have considered myself centre-right, and I voted Conservative in the last election. In some ways I've moved...
  9. hst43102

    Class 321/4 / 320/4

    Apologies if this is common information, but I can't seem to find out what happened to the TSOL carriages of the class 321/4s when they were converted to 320/4s at Doncaster back in 2015. Were they scrapped, or placed into other 321 formations?
  10. hst43102

    TRIVIA : Unusual modifications to PSV's

    I was looking through some old photos of Stagecoach South Wales buses on Flickr the other day, and I came across this interesting vehicle, S788NRV (33282). A Dennis Dart SLF with Caetano Compass bodywork, the front panel was replaced with one from a Plaxton Pointer, which created a very unusual...
  11. hst43102

    Trivia : Liveries which make good buses look bad

    Basically, what the title says! Personally, I think the new Stagecoach livery makes the E200 MMC look dated: NCT livery makes the E400 City look boring:[email protected]/34624514451 And Anglian Bus livery...
  12. hst43102

    Former Driver Trainers?

    Hi! Just seen on SKM that Stagecoach Cumbria B10M coach 52414 has been repainted from Driver Training livery into the local SchoolRunner branding. Are there any other buses that have been in driver training use but then repainted/reinstated into the main fleet?