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  1. Dr_Paul

    BR Union Representation — Depot Staff

    Can anyone answer a question about union representation in BR days? Were skilled workers at BR depots members of the NUR or of the union related to their work, such as the engineers' or electricians' unions?
  2. Dr_Paul

    Trivia — Lines That Were Built For Double Track But Were Only Ever Single

    Following the recent thread 'Lines That Should Have Been Mainlines', how about one looking at lines which were built for double track but only a single track was laid? One that comes to my mind is the Bluebell Line south of Horsted Keynes to Lewes, where the under and over bridges could...
  3. Dr_Paul

    Trivia — Shortest Routes Between Stations of the Same Name (For Example: Catford to Catford Bridge)

    I don't know if we've had this one before, but here goes anyway. Let's use our imaginations working out the shortest route between two stations on different lines that share the same basic name, such as Catford and Catford Bridge. There are to be no reverses, but crossing over the route is...
  4. Dr_Paul

    Unusual Reason for Delay?

    How was this situation explained to delayed passengers? This amusing if puzzling picture appeared on a pal's Facebook page, with little more information than this occurred in London yesterday (2 March). It seems to be Euston.
  5. Dr_Paul

    Can Anyone Identify This Line — London, East Acton Area

    Looking at the Rail Map On-Line site, I noticed a line branching off the West London Line at the junction with the GWR line to Acton, then running westwards to the north of Du Cane Road, then swinging south-east to end roughly where the Queen's Park Rangers football ground is today. I have...
  6. Dr_Paul

    Trivia — Largest Area of Railway Land That Has Been Abandoned

    What are forum members' ideas on the topic of the largest single area of land containing railways in Britain that has been abandoned? Obvious examples will be large stations, especially terminus stations, and freight depots, especially marshalling yards, that have closed. There might be grey...
  7. Dr_Paul

    LNWR ‘No Rag and Bone Men’ Sign — Is It Genuine?

    This enamel sign came up in a Facebook thread. As can be seen, it is dated 1901, but the layout and fonts somehow don't seem right to me, they look rather too modern. Is it genuine?
  8. Dr_Paul

    Tank Engines on Long-Distance Goods Workings

    Following on from 'Tank Engines on Express Workings', what do we know about the use of tank engines on long-distance goods workings? My dad recalls travelling from London to Swansea during the Second World War and seeing long coal trains being pulled by tank locomotives on the GWR main line on...
  9. Dr_Paul

    Over-60s Oyster Card During the Corona Pandemic — Restrictions on Peak-Time Use

    I'm not sure whether this is the best place for this thread, so I'll be happy for Moderators to shift it to a more suitable place if needs be. Does anyone know the situation in respect of changed conditions for the Over-60s Oyster Card? I have heard 'through the grapevine' that peak-time travel...
  10. Dr_Paul

    Mountfield Good Depot — Who Uses It?

    Does anyone know who uses Mountfield goods depot on the Tonbridge to Hastings line, and what kind of freight is loaded and/or unloaded there?
  11. Dr_Paul

    Question: The Origins of the Myth of the Strategic Steam Reserve

    I've seen many references on this site to the Strategic Steam Reserve, which, from studying the often cryptic and sarcastic mentions of it, seems to me to be a longstanding urban myth amongst railway enthusiasts about a secret store of steam locomotives. Could forum members provide some...
  12. Dr_Paul

    Severn Bridge — Would It Have Remained Open?

    A question that has crossed my mind is this. Had the Severn Bridge not been knocked down by an errant pair of barges in 1960, or if it had been repaired after the incident, would it have remained in service and survived the various rounds of railway closures since then? Would it have remained...
  13. Dr_Paul

    Class 450 — Different First Class Arrangements

    Travelling up to Waterloo the other day, I saw a 450 unit that had a small first-class compartment behind the driver's cab at each end, rather than the usual arrangement of one larger compartment in one of the middle carriages. Are all the 450s to be fitted out in this manner, or is this a one-off?
  14. Dr_Paul

    ‘Hitching’ a Lift on Freight Trains — A Question

    Arising from another thread here, I'd be interested to know whether it is known if people unofficially have boarded freight trains to travel in Britain, either historically or today. It was pretty commonplace in the USA for impoverished people to do so, and it features a bit in popular US...
  15. Dr_Paul

    Bridge-Bash at Kew on the South Circular Road (22/02)

    I've been sent this picture of a bridge-bash that's occurred this evening on the A205 South Circular Road at the bridge under the North London Line and District Line, just north of Kew Gardens station. The TFL website states that road traffic has been stopped both ways, but there's no mention of...
  16. Dr_Paul

    Trivia — Stations That Have Created a New Settlement

    Following on from the two threads on convenient and inconvenient stations, and touched upon in some of the posts therein, how about a thread discussing where the building of a railway station has actually led to the creation of a new settlement around it? Let's start with a few around London...
  17. Dr_Paul

    Acton Canal Wharf Junction — A Query

    The curve from the Acton Wells to Cricklewood line to the former LNWR line where the former crosses the latter is useful as it permits through running from the former GWR main line and the North London Line on to the former LNWR line in the down direction. Perusing old maps, it seems that this...
  18. Dr_Paul

    Major Disruption on Windsor Line Today

    A fatality at Mortlake at around 10.00 caused major disruption on the Windsor line in and out of Waterloo late this morning. Reading and Windsor services were diverted, with most going via the Hounslow loop, and a few reversing at Virginia Water or at Twickenham and going via Woking or Kingston...
  19. Dr_Paul

    Camden Bank — Up Empty Stock Tunnel

    Years back, when travelling from Willesden Junction through to Camden Road via Primrose Hill (I think it was when the NLL wasn't working), I noticed a rusty single line on the north side of the line just after leaving the tunnel from South Hampstead, which went down into a tunnel. I later...
  20. Dr_Paul

    Network Rail Selling Railway Arches — Impact on Small Businesses

    From today's Guardian: Thousands of small businesses based in railway arches across the UK are facing “extermination” as Network Rail seeks to push through a billion-pound asset sale. From bakers to bike shops, mechanics to restaurants, many of the 5,500 arches across the UK’s major cities...