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  1. FrodshamJnct

    Train Simulator Scenario Recommendations

    I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to scenarios in Train Sim and thought it might be useful to post scenario recommendations. I know I can spend what seems like quite a while finding interesting scenarios (particularly given the long list of requirements a lot come with). My first...
  2. FrodshamJnct

    GBRf Agrees Deal for Five New Class 66 Locos

    From Railcam UK: Full article here.
  3. FrodshamJnct

    Linsinger SF06-UK Rail Milling Trains Authorised to Enter Service

    The ORR has authorised the placing in service of 2 SF06-UK rail milling trains. “THE RAILWAYS (INTEROPERABILITY) REGULATIONS 2011, AS AMENDED AUTHORISATION OF 2 OFF LINSINGER SF06-UK RAIL...
  4. FrodshamJnct

    Railway/Train Books

    Just wondering what good railway-related books are out there. I recently bought Red for Danger by LTC Rolt and thoroughly enjoyed it. Any recommendations welcome, whatever aspect of the railways/trains they’re related to.
  5. FrodshamJnct

    Best On Board Service

    What are people’s experiences of on board service overall? (Including train managers, catering etc). I’ve always found TPE to be really good - haven’t had a bad/poor customer service experience on board. The catering staff have in my experience also been good. A word has to be said for VTWC...