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  1. D1001

    Works Repair Regimes

    I have a two part question. Firstly, on locomotive record cards, the level of works maintenance is listed such as H/I which is Heavy Intermediate, or L/C for Light Casual. I have accumulated 30 or so of the codes mentioned on record cards and I wondered if anyone knows where to find a...
  2. D1001

    BRDatabase up and running

    Just wanted to advise that is up and running as normal after the recent server problems. :)
  3. D1001

    BRDatabase new release

    I have released a new version of BRDatabase ( It contains a whole host of extra data and, no doubt, a few new bugs. The allocation data still has a long way to go and there are errors that exist due to erroneous source information, but you can do snapshots of locomotive...
  4. D1001

    Class 70 on 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton

    This week has seen the first visit of a class 70 to Southampton - here, 70003 is working the 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton liner, the first appearance of the class on the Reading-Basingstoke line in daylight. Full gallery...
  5. D1001

    Classes 20, 37, 56 and 73 all on one day!

    About 60 new photos on my site, including: 56101 on the move from Eastleigh to Carnforth Serco 73's T&T DRS convoy, 37603 and four 20's Clan Line and the rest!
  6. D1001

    37087 on Stoneblower move

    37087 on 6Z25 stoneblower move. Sounded great - pity it's a photo!
  7. D1001

    And now for something completely different ...

    Signal Art: (that sounds really pretentious!) Other recent stuff:
  8. D1001

    Disused and freight GC lines

    Spent a day looking around Buckinghamshire at the old GC/Metropolitan/GW lines west of Princes Risborough and Aylesbury. Disused line from Ashendon Jct to Grendon Jct, GC line at Calvert, LNWR Oxford-Cambridge line at Claydon Jct and finally stoipped off at Tring for some sparky action...
  9. D1001


    'Western Champion' and 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' on excursions
  10. D1001

    A few updates - Serco 37's in the Sun!

    A few updates: Serco 37's at Frimley, Freightliners at Mortimer, multiple units everywhere! Thanks for looking!
  11. D1001

    Been a bit quiet ...

    Been a bit inactive this winter, so not many updates: 47739/Southern EMU (Slam door) and 57004 in action: 100% Crops: Serco 73's:
  12. D1001

    King Edward I

    First time I've seen a King on the mainline - 6024 'King Edward I' working 'The Bristolian' excursion: Thanks for looking!
  13. D1001

    Tangmere, Clan Line, 73's & sunshine

    Tangmere at Wanborough: Clan Line at Egham: A couple of recent class 73 wanderings:
  14. D1001

    Recent updates - Serco 37's, kettles

    Class 37's T&T on the Serco test train at Ascot: Bittern at Farnborough: Tangmere at Pirbright:
  15. D1001

    A few updates - 56312 & 86501 etc

    A couple of weeks worth: Week 44: 47805 on 6Z48, 59005, RHTT, a few sheds: Week 45: 56312, 86501, NMT, 90's, 92's, 67008, 66's from 4 different owners: Oh, and some fireworks...
  16. D1001

    Pair of GBRf 73's on 5Z73

    73213 + 73141 working 5Z73 Tonbridge - Eastleigh, passing through Frimley Green
  17. D1001

    A few updates, 58021 in transit etc

    6M44 Eastleigh - Wembley was used to convey 58021 part the way to France - seen here at Old Basing A trio of 66's at Pangbourne - spot the difference...
  18. D1001

    Triple headed 6M44

    67's don't often work as the train loco on freight service but on this occasion 67020 worked 6M44 Eastleigh-Wembley Enterprise with 67003 and 66171 DIT. Miserable conditions too!
  19. D1001

    Western Champion at Willesden, 378's, 6M44

    D1015 Western Champion at Willesden on route learning duties: Brand new Class 378's in...
  20. D1001

    VHS Railway tapes for Sale

    I don't know if I'm allowed to advertise these here but I have 11 VHS PAL tapes for sale: There are some pure steam (B&R) and some pure diesel - excellent archive material all round.