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    New May 2020 Network Rail timetable

    I’ve just downloaded the new May 2020 Network Rail timetable and as I mentioned in a message FIVE YEARS ago, the 19.07 London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street (Monday to Friday) still isn’t shown in Table 65. Its not been shown since it was replanned to run non stop from Euston to Runcorn. Is...
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    London to Norwich - 90 min timings

    Just discovered a ninety minute timing between London and Norwich on the 20th May. Further checking shows services at 11.00 and 19.00 from London and 9.00 and 17.00 from Norwich. Shown in
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    10.59 Bournemouth to London Waterloo

    Hi from Adelaide in Australia. I'm coming over to the UK in June and will be visiting Bournemouth. I know Class 444 units operate the route, but are they all ten coach formations In particular, I'm travelling on the 10.59 Bournemouth to London Waterloo, will this be a five coach set from...