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    Daylight saving and railways discussion

    How do Transpennine express do it with their night services? Or the sleepers?
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    Stations rebranded to Great British Railways design / Rail Alphabet 2

    Be interested to see what happens in West Yorkshire, WYPTE would indeed have insisted on it! It’s cos of WYPTE , for example , that 155 still exist!
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    Last Truly Closed Station

    Technically couldn’t you order a taxi from Newhaven marine to Newhaven harbour? And it was actually served just not for passenger use.
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    Last Truly Closed Station

    Since March 2018 there has been no replacement bus through Norton bridge - it was Norton Bridge, followed by Etruria. The OP states ‘truly closed with no alternative’, you could argue there was an alternative to Norton Bridge, and it was actually served 5 months after its closure by an...
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    Trivia: Coast-to-coast services in the UK

    Yes it was Scarborough to Blackpool North, it was originally a Transpennine express service but was usually a WYPTE liveried 158
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    Is a ticket to Blackpool North valid to Blackpool South

    It probably wouldn’t be worth attempting using a blackpool south ticket at blackpool north , regardless of validity. Knowing north’s particular type of customer experience
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    Trivia: stations which seem small for the town/city they serve (UK/rest of Europe)

    I agree , I was just using it to illustrate my point in that Wakefield originally had ample station coverage, and with two stations still does!
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    Trivia: stations which seem small for the town/city they serve (UK/rest of Europe)

    Am I allowed Gateshead (Metrocentre) 1627068406 Ah yes but Wakefield Kirkgate was originally much larger and Westgate became the main station as a smaller ‘principal station’ on the mainline (and if you count more than one station can we also count castleford , featherstone, sandal and Agbrigg etc)
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    Trivia: Any completely self contained routes?

    Slough to Windsor and Eton Central - connecting line for ecs moves only
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    Are women more vulnerable to violent crime than men?

    Moderator note: split from this thread: I think people should be careful about posting things like this. This reminds me of the opening titles of the Equaliser in the 1980’s. 40 years ago! We need to think why a woman could be travelling alone she could be going to or from work, be the driver...
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    Trivia: High altitude bus routes

    Higher than i thought then. In adverse weather conditions (wind snow ice rain etc it gets bad up there) this service often is cut back to leek
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    Trivia: High altitude bus routes

    I can’t work out where the highest point of the route is but D&G route 16 Buxton extensions of the Hanley - Leek route pass near or through Flash (461m) or is it higher in Buxton?
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    Stoke-on-Trent to Blackpool North via Leeds

    Yes - i always used to split my returns at Manc pic when travelling from Stoke to leeds and back - the ticket office at Stoke told me to do that about 10 years ago and I always have , the alt route via derby is now more expensive but was the other alt to man pic a few years ago on the through...
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    Stoke-on-Trent to Blackpool North via Leeds

    How would I search for this if I pick a random long weekend late september or October as a guide for budgeting and to see if it’s worth getting the railcard in advance
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    Stoke-on-Trent to Blackpool North via Leeds

    This is probably what I will do tbh, but just in case i need last minute fares have the other options and : or will try train split nearer the time
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    Stoke-on-Trent to Blackpool North via Leeds

    Hi - at some point (hopefully this year) I plan on taking my mum by train from Stoke to Leeds overnight then to Blackpool for three days then returning to Stoke on trent. She would be entitled to a DSB railcard, what are the best options for travel/prices (least hassle routing as I will have to...
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    How are train companies charged for electricity?

    I was office based. Half hourly meters are automatically read every half hour and the data fed back to the data operator - sometimes in analogue form so there would have been colleagues in the field who had to go on and inspect the meters every so often
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    How are train companies charged for electricity?

    I worked for a utility company some years ago and Railtrack (that was) had a hour hourly meter at every signal, point or other infrastructure etc. There was also a complex arrangement where some braking electric trains feed back to the grid
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    Paired by use or paired by direction

    The alignment of fast and slow lines were part of the rationale for the closure of Norton Bridge I believe, the slow lines are not near the platform I believe or aren’t in once direction, presumably this changed following the restructure of the junction there
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    Trivia: Stations/Lines that receive a better service during times of disruption

    Stoke on Trent often have additional southbound to Euston and northbound to Liverpool or Glasgow when there is a diversion via Alsager also means express train to crewe