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    More bad news for Scottish residents

    This is quite telling:
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    Weather disruption Friday 26 November onwards - Storm Arwen

    In Edinburgh just now - what are the chances of getting back to Glasgow today? My sister is also meant to be going to Aberdeen at 3pm.
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    Vaccine passport disaster in Scotland

    I remember that! Probably the most insane rule of all that she put in. It literally did nothing.
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    Vaccine passport disaster in Scotland

    Seemed fairly obvious that she wasn't going to extend it. I knew this time a month ago that she'd be up lecturing about COVID last Tuesday to give her something to do post COP but it wouldn't lead to anything with England being basically back to normal.
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    Has the wearing of face masks become a left/right issue?

    The OP mentioned LGBT groups and they're absolutely right but it's interesting that the LGBT community at large is in favour of government mandates on masks, lockdowns, passports etc. I feel that being gay myself is what really cemented my anti restriction views because it's opened my mind to...
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    Scotrail Argyle Line March 2022

    Argyle Street isn't in bad shape IMO. Anderston definitely could do with the work though.
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    ScotRail Industrial Relations issues (including conductor strike action)

    12 DAYS? I don't drive, I cannot get around anywhere without public transport, this absolutely ruins those 2 weeks for me.
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    Should the NHS refuse treatment for people that haven’t had the vaccination?

    No and I think it's pretty sick to believe otherwise.
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    Scotland: “Beyond Level Zero” 09th August

    Do you need an app for it? I refuse to download any government app regardless of what that will mean for me though do have a copy of my vaccine status.
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    Scotrail - Post Covid Consultation - Service Reductions

    Ayr needs 3tph if not 4 - it's just too long of a journey on the all stop train to do often. And they need more carriages, it's often tricky at summer.
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    Scotrail - Post Covid Consultation - Service Reductions

    I think that the North Clyde timetable is a pile of rubbish at the minute - seems like all EB trains through Queen St LL are within a 10 min window (Airdrie, Springburn then Edinburgh) and then there is 20 mins of nothing. They need to resolve that. Why is there also no direct train from Qst LL...
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    Scotland: “Beyond Level Zero” 09th August

    That just reinforces my decision to be out of Scotland in 2024 once I'm done with uni. What an echo chamber of a country. What's the point sticking around when the people have totally different values to you?
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    More Lockdowns?

    Not if they pay taxes - it is accessible to all and we shouldn't encourage people to refuse/be refused service. I think it's also completely fair to not want to sacrifice another winter for a health service that isn't working well enough.
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    GB News

    She’s good on TalkRadio, definitely opinionated but doesn’t allow the politicians to get away with everything they say and is willing to challenge guests on the show. I don’t think she’d be much different to Wootton who has done quite well at GB so far.
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    GB News

    Patrick Christys was a good presenter on TalkRadio - he'll bring some younger energy to GB News and always has some interesting things to say. I wonder if we'll get anyone else from there - first Mark and now Patrick. Julia Hartley-Brewer would be good. GB has made a few changes and I think it...
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    People You Wish You Weren't On The Same Side Of An Argument As You

    Regarding Piers, I like that he brings something different to the table as opposed to being yet another bland cookie cutter BBC presenter that just reads off an autocue. Some of his opinions and interviews are fascinating. Having said that, having a platform like that comes with a responsibility...
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    People You Wish You Weren't On The Same Side Of An Argument As You

    Being a lockdown skeptic, it is frustrating to share a few views with far-right (e.g. Katie Hopkins) or conspiracy theorists (e.g. Piers Corbyn).
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    1972 tube stock replacement

    We're in 2021 and 72TS are a mess - I can't feasibly see how they could still run in 15 years.
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    1972 tube stock replacement

    The Bakerloo was an utter mess when I was there last week - tired, ghastly stations (Charing Cross in particular) and ageing trains (sometimes the doors open before the train has fully stopped, lights flicker on and off, the PA is inaudible and the interior looks ancient)I think it honestly...
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    Avanti service reductions from Monday 26th July

    1640 from Glasgow to Euston was cancelled when I was in Central station earlier. The sign said that everyone should take the 1740 - surely that would end up being crazy busy?