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    Class 315 preservation society

    They also obtained the Hampshire units from the Dartmoor Railway - one is a runner, but the other has been used as a Christmas Tree for the other. I think they want to convert one of the Hampshire Units to hydrogen or battery operation for some reason.
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    Class 315 preservation society

    Spot on. I struggle to see what the long term plan for the unit is beyond leaving it to rot - I'm not sure towing it with a shunter is possible or practical.
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    Steam heat coaches - How does it work?

    One trick often used to get the heat to the back of the train quicker is to keep the steam cocks at the back of the train open for a few minutes, which blasts any condensate out.
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    Last Loco-hauled MK1 and MK2 stock

    What was the last loco-haulled Mk1 and Mk2 stock in use in regular passenger services? I presume for the Mk1's it would have been the North Wales coast line, and for the Mk2's the Caledonian sleeper?
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    Weekday Steam Charters - Why not Saturday's instead?

    Lots of steam and diesel galas these days are over a Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and sometimes over a Thursday or the following Monday.
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    ex-Island Line train for sale

    It's more likely to be sold to a organic wine bar, rather than be preserved.
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    What's happening with the track between Meldon and Okehampton?

    I wouldn't disagree with that, and hopefully the Dartmoor Railway Supporter Association will be allowed to continue as custodians of Okehampton Station in some capacity.
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    What's happening with the track between Meldon and Okehampton?

    Probably the end for the Dartmoor Railway then, as a preserved railway, which is quite sad.
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    Llangollen Railway appoints receivers

    I doubt any other preserved railway would touch it for that reason, as well as the ethical reason. I suspect the trust will grab it up at auction for a little above scrap value and worst case, they purchase it off a scrap dealer before it is lifted. Anyone who lifted the track would need to...
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    Dartmoor Railway stock for sale

    I'm afraid you are a little late.
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    Class 484 replacing class 483 on the island line: progress updates

    Given that until recently, the line was lucky to have two servicable units, if they can get at least two, or three operational on the island by May, then they should be ok.
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    Wensleydale Railway ‘clear out’

    They are riddled with lots of lovely asbestos.
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    Is there any news regarding a Class 483 train being preserved?

    Is there a possibility of salvaging wheelsets with life left in them off 483002, 483004, or 483009 if none of them are preserved?
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    GWR Class 143 withdrawals

    How hard would it be to have one fitted with new tyres? If you can fit new tyres, then there is a slightly expensive solution.
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    Class 484 replacing class 483 on the island line: progress updates

    How many of the Class 483's are still operational? Most of the time on the Radio it appears that they only have one working unit?
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    I presume Powercar 43160 won't be used on these services given that fire?
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    GWSR - first train into new Broadway station

    It isn't a real railway. It's a Preserved Railway. The Bala Lake Railway, Gwili Railway, Battlefield Line, Bristol Harbour Railway and the Llangollen Railway, to use some examples are lines which have no viable way of reaching the main line, yet still have some great plans. Are you suggesting...
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    Trivia: Lines proposed but never built (or where a line should have been built) Quite an interesting never was. A cross-country blocking line which ultimately failed.