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    Cross London tickets rejected by ticket barriers at Lancaster Gate station

    Lancaster Gate always rejects cross london tickets annoyingly given it is usually the shortest route to Paddington.
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    Bristol to Glasgow and Edinburgh next weekend

    We fly from Bristol to Glasgow on Friday 21, stay at the airport and then get the train on Saturday to Edinburgh and fly home from there to Bristol. Am I correct that Glasgow Airport is not in Glasgow City so is Tier 2 and that travel from Tier 2 to Tier 2(Edinburgh) via tier 3 is allowed?
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    Trainsplit Ticket Isssuing Problem with Avanti WC Family Single Ticket

    Picked up my tickets today for my trip next month from Glasgow to Euston, bought from Trainsplit. The booking correctly stated one coupon would be printed and the screen on the GWR machine at Exeter Central correctly showed 2 adults and 1 child with 3 seat reservations. Unfortunately out came...
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    GTR services all subject to change

    Is there a reason the ticket sites are showing most/all GTR/Southern services are subject to change, even on weekdays and does anyone know of any potential engineering works that may affect the 15th of February on GTR/Southern that aren't currently advertised?
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    Updates to GWR ticket restrictions

    With the new GWR timetable it looks like some changes to ticket validity times have been made, but restrictions from Dawlish and Exeter to London appear to have not been input correctly. They still refer to the old XC times and the restriction on Off Peak tickets allow travel from Dawlish on the...
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    Fares to Tewkesbury bus

    On BRfares it shows fares from Bristol to Tewkesbury Bus but no website will sell it. Does anyone know if this ticket still exists and what bus is it valid on if it is (I assume the Cheltenham-Tewkesbury bus)?
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    Vietnamise Rail response to fatalities, slightly different to ours! Vietnam railways have posted an update expressing their frustration with drivers causing accidents. Not something any TOC over here would ever post, also note the lack of service impact.
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    change of route excess fare (in one direction)

    Ignoring the fact most stations refuse to do upgrades correctly: If I have an Anytime Return from Taunton to Basingstoke (route Salisbury) and wish to upgrade the return portion to go via Reading on a Sunday when Super Off Peak is valid, is the upgrade as follows: Taunton to Basingstoke (route...
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    Virgin Euston Barrier Staff Again Ignoring Ticket Rules

    My work colleague traveled on an advance single from Surbiton to Birmingham New Street. He got the 0711 to Vauxhall and arrived on time at 0731. Due to Victoria Line delays there was a queue to even get on the tube and he finally arrived at Euston at 0825, missing his booked 0823 train. At the...
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    National Rail restriction LG

    If I read this correctly, with a single ticket from Shrewsbury to Milton Keynes route TFW/WMR (£13) I can travel via Crewe on the 1559 with no issue as it leaves my departure station by 1559. I ask as the restriction within booking engines refuses to sell any tickets on train after the 1424 as...
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    New Rail Air from Guildford to Heathrow

    No timetable yet but Surrey bus changes has a new RA2 from Guildford to Heathrow daily, run by First Berkshire starting from July 1st.
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    FTR at Bruton

    Just zoomed through Bruton station and there is an FTR parked up in the car park next to the station on the London bound side, still in First Barbie colours. Does anyone know what it's doing there?
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    GWR Mobile Ticket Break of Journey

    Can't find the thread but how are GWR still allowed to sell mobile tickets that for Anytime Day Singles state "no break of journey is allowed" even though there is no such restriction on the particular ticket being sold? Surely mobile tickets don't really have the additional restriction that...
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    TfW Ticket Checker goes above and beyond

    After the awful experience at Edinburgh LNER ticket office thought I'd post a more positive story, which is unusual for me! The ticket checker (maybe the guard too) on the 1825 from Birmingham to Aberystwyth has a steam train clipper which is making everyone smile and comment. Also, she seems...
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    Edinburgh LNER non-impartial ticketing

    Asked for Birmingham to Shrewsbury Off Peak Period return at the LNER ticket office in Edinburgh and I was only offered advance fares or the TFW only tickets. When I showed her she said that I should buy them online as she was in Scotland and ticket offices in Scotland couldn't sell...
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    GWR rail replacement

    GWR station staff at Slough are advising all passengers NOT to buy tickets as the bus to Hillingdon is free!! Is this something new?
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    SWR Single Track Awful Decision Making Again

    SWR decision making excels again today as the already very late 1135 from Exeter has been held at Chard to let the train the other way go. Had we not have been held we'd have had a clear run via Westbury and likely been on time from Basingstoke. So to ensure the westbound train wasn't delayed 9...
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    SWR Exeter-Crewkerne Closure

    The SWR website, having been offline most of the morning, is now back online and has been updated and the FAQ for this closure has been updated rather importantly with the "we are hoping GWR will grant ticket acceptance from Exeter to Paddington" to say there's no ticket acceptance with anyone...
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    1550 Waterloo to Weymouth

    Does anyone know why the 1550 to Yeovil is extended to Weymouth? It does a Dorchester South shuttle too in one direction before returning in service to Salisbury.
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    TransPennine Removes Via Option

    I see TPE have "upgraded" to the same type of booking site SWT used before they lost the without full webTIS functionality and more importantly without a "via" option. They have their price promise but that is only valid for TPE journeys as they know they overcharge for others. Be...