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    Which data should I enter as journey time in a delay repay form?

    I am filling a delay repair form on the website of GWR. At one point it asks to select my journey. The options proposed are completely absurd, so I choose "My journey is not shown above". Then I am asked to enter the number of changes and the details of the journey. For each leg I am asked to...
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    Routeing Maps Download

    Is there any way to download the Routeing Maps? I remember it was possible in the past to download them in pdf format, but now I do not find any other ways if not the, difficult to manage and impossible to store, overlay of google map. Thanks
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    When should I buy a Network Railcard

    Good morning. Do I need to have already bought a Network Railcard to be able (and allowed) to buy a ticket or can I buy a discounted ticket without already have the card and buy the card before the travel (at a railway station)? I form abroad and I would like not to pay to have me delivered by...