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    Has Covid affected politeness when travelling?

    I am not native in English language, but I have been taught the difference between ”You don’t have to wear masks/a mask any longer.” and "You must not wear masks/a mask any longer.” ...
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    Level crossing Phone to cross but can't speak!

    Are signallers required to speak Welsh in Wales?
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    Level crossing Phone to cross but can't speak!

    I think that the most important thing is what to read what the National Rail will answer (if they will). Was the signal on a public crossing or on a crossing for staff only? Which will rise the question if it is legal that such a crossing exists or if the railway is required to install a...
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    Level crossing Phone to cross but can't speak!

    My suggestion is that you can try to write to Network Rail directly instead of using twitter. However I failed to find an email address. This page about Contact us contains link to a page that is actually not on the same web site, on line contact form. The first link is titled "Report an...
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    Timetables at Stations

    Quite disappointing. Not only a timetable is not provided at the stations, but it look like the do not inspect the station too much (at least for this aspect) You should write a complain at GWR Help & Support , and, if possible, also to someone above them (DfT maybe)
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    West Midlands Trains duty of care: LNR passengers abandoned on platform

    If passengers had travel to one of this station (and it is not so clear how they could have, it should take more than 2 hours and half to walk), would they be able to take a train with the ticket they had? And how could be sure that there were trains running from there? Consulting your phone...
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    Doubling back

    But can you double back when paying contactless?
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    A scam phone calls and emails discussion.

    As a first step, if you click on the link they would know that your email is an email which is read. I do not know which page you are offered if you click, but probably you are asked to fill a form with your personal information. Such information are very useful and valuable to scammers. They...
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    Sherburn in Elmet not being allowed as 'via' point in NRE journey planner

    sorry I will continue here about the Freedom of the North West 7 Day Rover I suspect something odds in the National Rail web site about the information about this rover You can find two pages, one for the 7 day rover and one for 4 days in 8 days Freedom of the North West 7 Day Rover Freedom of...
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    A scam phone calls and emails discussion.

    No doubt it is a scam
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    Cruise ships and vaccination requirements

    This is in my opinion a crucial point that has not been clarified enough. They have triumphantly told has that the vaccination is 95% efficient, but they have not told us enough well which efficiency they are speaking about. It (just) means that probably(!) one person that has undergone the...
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    Brexit makes it very difficult to move to another country and get employment

    The difference is that now the administrative cost is higher. I do not know how the rules are in England for British people when they change where they live, so I do not know what you were expecting when asked for change of residency. From what you wrote the bureaucracy and the checks you were...
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    UK cut off from EU, due to concerns over new Coronavirus strain

    Is there any reasons why locking down should increase the strength of the virus? The more the virus wide spreads and the more it reproduce itself, higher are the possibility that a new variant come out. (and some of these new variant could be more harmful/stronger) Reducing contacts between...
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    Which data should I enter as journey time in a delay repay form?

    I have done as you suggested, but when I get to the page where I am asked to insert the details of my credit card, the details are saved but the next button keeps to stay dimmed and I can not proceed further. I will try again with the use of a different browser
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    Which data should I enter as journey time in a delay repay form?

    They had just replied me that I had just 1 minute delay instead of more than 60. I will reapply with v the scheduled time instead out the actual one. I do not know if I can upload two tickets I will give it a try Thank you very much AnyFile
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    Which data should I enter as journey time in a delay repay form?

    I am filling a delay repair form on the website of GWR. At one point it asks to select my journey. The options proposed are completely absurd, so I choose "My journey is not shown above". Then I am asked to enter the number of changes and the details of the journey. For each leg I am asked to...
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    Routeing Maps Download

    Is there any way to download the Routeing Maps? I remember it was possible in the past to download them in pdf format, but now I do not find any other ways if not the, difficult to manage and impossible to store, overlay of google map. Thanks
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    When should I buy a Network Railcard

    Thank you for your answers. I may actually see small benefit by buying such ticket in advance: I do not have to queue to buy the ticket the day of travel and, if I buy enough in advance, it will be charged by my credit card not in the same month I am travelling, so its cost will not risk to max...
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    When should I buy a Network Railcard

    Good morning. Do I need to have already bought a Network Railcard to be able (and allowed) to buy a ticket or can I buy a discounted ticket without already have the card and buy the card before the travel (at a railway station)? I form abroad and I would like not to pay to have me delivered by...