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    TPE Edinburgh to Manchester Airport anaomalies

    I have a similar situation. I bought tickets for travel on the TPE website for travel from Edinburgh to Manchester on December 19th. These were purchased on the first day Advances became available on September 14th. It didn’t reserve seats for me and two calls to TPE Customer Services didn’t...
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    TPE No Reserved Seating Quirk

    Last night I did try a dummy booking for the exact same tickets on Trainsplit and that offered me two seats together in Coach D. If they can offer, why can’t TPE? I also tried a second attempt with TPE through their online web support, same answer, no pair of seats available. :(
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    TPE No Reserved Seating Quirk

    I’ve got a similar issue with TPE. Booked two Advances on their website for a journey from Edinburgh to Manchester on December 19th. These were booked on the first day they came on sale last month, so got a great price but wasn’t permitted to reserve seats. I don’t know why this was, but...
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    Trivia: Easily confused station names

    Hall i' th' Wood and Hollinwood (now Metrolink)
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    Change of printed Advance ticket with Avanti

    I know some prefer / can only use paper tickets, but this really is an example where e-tickets come into their own. I managed to change some Avanti advances via the app on Monday and had the new tickets instantly (can’t seem to add them to my phone wallet mind but do have the pdf and can see...
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    Apple wallet e-tickets

    Last week I bought tickets for future travel from LNER, Avanti and TPE. The first two, definitely can be added, but I couldn’t seem to add the TPE ones.
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    Two Together railcard

    Isn’t the time restriction on the Two Together Railcard to dissuade two work colleagues from using one on their daily commute?
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    Northern holiday special trains

    Came across this article recently Wakes week trains
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    Manchester Day Ranger - Extended Area.

    The TFGM statement quoted, mentions State Retirement Age for concessionary travel, so 66? 60 year olds do not (to the best of my knowledge) qualify for concessionary travel in GM.
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    Advance ticket for service no longer scheduled to run

    Yes, we’ll do the latter. I’m sure it won’t be an issue and they’ll arrange acceptance with other operators (if they haven’t already done so). Thanks again
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    Advance ticket for service no longer scheduled to run

    Thanks for the replies. The 18.46 isn’t really suitable, so we will have to go for one of the later connecting services. This surely has to be on EMR to sort out, we’ve bought the tickets in good faith and they (for whatever reason) have subsequently cancelled the service.
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    Advance ticket for service no longer scheduled to run

    Looking for a bit of advice please. We hold advance tickets between Nottingham and Manchester for next Friday August 6th. Depart Nottingham 19.37, arrive Manchester Piccadilly 21.35. These tickets were purchased through Red Spotted Hanky on May 15th. Checking the schedule, I cannot see this...
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    Manchester to Cornwall in July

    Yes, I noticed that, but nothing for the 8th?
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    Manchester to Cornwall in July

    Looking for Manchester to St Ives departing 8th July, returning on 16th. Will be two adults with a Two Together Railcard. There doesn’t seem to be any fares available with the XC, which appears to be because the timetable is unconfirmed? Does anyone know when or indeed if it is likely that...
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    Bleakest / loneliest mainline station

    Moston - absolutely ghastly.
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    Trivia: Smallest towns with more than one station

    Never mind Ryde, what about Hyde? Population 34,000 - 6 stations Hyde North Hyde Central Newton (for Hyde) Godley Hattersley Flowery Field
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    I’m going to suggest Chadderton in Greater Manchester population circa 35,000. Now part of Oldham Metropolitan Borough. Mills Hill station is literally on the border with Rochdale Metropolitan Borough (but is in Rochdale). It did have a goods / coal line / depot. It currently has a Metrolink...
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    How long does it take to get GWR refunds at the moment?

    My refund finally came through on Saturday, so it took six weeks in total. By contrast, a similar request with Avanti, submitted on the same day, took 2 weeks. Not sure what (if anything) that tells us?
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    How long does it take to get GWR refunds at the moment?

    They’ve acknowledged I’m in the system, but in the queue, guess I’ll just have to patient, but it will be 35 days tomorrow, a know that includes a couple of bank holidays. Not on Twitter, so can’t chase up that way.
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    How long does it take to get GWR refunds at the moment?

    Still waiting on my refund, will be 5 weeks tomorrow since submission, had an email on 2nd May saying taking an average of 29 days (not sure if that’s including or excluding weekends?) and not to worry “we haven’t forgotten you” I have to say I’ve gone from relaxed to concerned, given that their...