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    Last Loco-hauled MK1 and MK2 stock

    What was the last loco-haulled Mk1 and Mk2 stock in use in regular passenger services? I presume for the Mk1's it would have been the North Wales coast line, and for the Mk2's the Caledonian sleeper?
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    What happened to the Class 489 driving motor units?

    Three former Gatwick Express Class 489 units, according to Wikipedia, are used by Network Rail for de-icing and load banking. Is this old information? Or are they still in use?
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    DEMU Departmental service?

    Hi guys I was looking up non-passenger trains where I live, and I found this. It goes to Weymouth, and then goes down to Fareham and Fratton way, and then comes back. Is it driver training or a sandite train or something...
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    Fate of HST

    I've been reading a lately about the HST being withdrawn from the Great Western Mainline, and that Grand Central are withdrawing theirs from service. What will be happening to these trains? Great Western are getting rid of 108 sets, and while twenty-six sets are heading north to Scotland, I...