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    Orion high speed logistics letting the train take the strain.

    Given that the stations, the trains and the staff were already being paid for I cannot see how the marginal costs could have made it unprofitable. I would suggest that the Wikipedia entry on Red Star gives a more accurate reason for the demise. I would suggest that there can be no doubt that it...
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    Orion high speed logistics letting the train take the strain.

    Those of a certain age will recall that once upon a time you could take a parcel to the local British Rail station and it would be delivered quite quickly to a station near to the intended recipient usually for collection, but some large cities offered an onward delivery service to the door...
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    Can 1st Class be made Standard by train staff when there is overcrowding?

    But I do! "Don't ask how I know this!" is a rhetorical question. I could have written "Been there, seen it, done it, got the tee-shirt."
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    Can 1st Class be made Standard by train staff when there is overcrowding?

    The rules are actually very clear! If the train manager / guard / whatever sees that, for whatever reason, that Standard Class has Passengers in Excess, they can contact Control and obtain consent to de-classifying 1st Class. They then make the following annoincement "Ladies and Gentlemen, in...
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    Last train tonight from Euston departs at 2242 ...

    Many thanks for all the comments! How do I send the unused tickets back to LN?
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    Last train tonight from Euston departs at 2242 ...

    We have tickets to a show this evening near Leicester Square in central London. The show starts at 2000 and finishes at 2300. Our plan was to come home on the 2342, 0005 or 0035 (journey time home circa 30 minutes) and on that basis I bought the required train tickets yesterday. This morning I...
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    Train sitting in the station with doors locked, passengers waiting outside

    Except that, whichever way you approach, the front of the house is the front and the back of the house is the back. The same as a car or a bus. In the later case, irrespective of whether the entrance is at the back or the front! With respect to two trains standing standing waiting to depart, if...
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    Elstree to St Albans with a Freedom Pass (Boundary Extension?)

    I got very interested when I read about "a 50% discount on off peak fares to concessionary bus pass holders issued in Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire for journeys wholly within these counties" because I live in Hertfordshire, have a Hertfordshire bus pass and frequently travel by train between two...
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    Network Rail boss lined up to lead ‘Fat Controller’ rail shake-up

    "The East Coast Partnership will be responsible for both intercity trains and track operations. It will be set up over the next 2 years as a partnership between the public and private sectors, with responsibility for the lines between London, Yorkshire, North East and Scotland. The private...
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    Trainsplit - lost card

    Morning all. Last year a friend and I did a round-Britain train tour over a period of 9 days. We had something like 25 tickets each (there were a number of split journeys involved) and we kept them in plastic wallets in an A4 folder. Yorkie has referred to "e-tickets". I have to admit total...
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    Old timetables/diagrams?

    I have tried the links shown by Darandio but both return "Page Not Found" ...
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    Plans for the existing Euston station post HS2?

    Several yera ago there was a major development proposal for Euston station with seperate levels for arriving and departing passengers. Departing passengers were to enter at a higher level and were then held until the arriving passengers had cleared the platform and the train had been prepared...
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    There seems to be a lot of speculation on the site about the extent of the various "reintroductions" announced yesterday. It would seem that all the schemes announced are "winners" in some sort of competition for funding to do "something" in respect of each of the schemes. The speculation...
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    Ticket for whole journey

    As I understand the question: The OP wishes to travel from A to C Buying tickets from A to B and B to C is cheaper than buying a through ticket The OP could not buy any tickets whatsoever at station A I would suggest that: If the journey involves a change of trains at B then I would suggest...
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    Govia Prosecutions Department penalty.

    Exactly! How many times have GTR done this before and how are they going to refund the money they have fraudulently taken?
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    Govia Prosecutions Department penalty.

    A fascinating story with a good outcome! I would be interested to know why Govia dropped the prosecution. Was it a "without prejudice" withdrawal or did they admit they had got it wrong? If the later, have they said what they are doing to stop it happening again? A final thought, if they got...
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    Terry Morgan facing the sack due to Crossrail cost overruns

    If I heard the interview on this morning's Today programme correctly, Sir Terry asserted that the opening date for Crossrail had to be put back because the TfL, who procured the trains, were 18 months late in placing the order. This meant that the trains were not available at the date(s)...
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    2019 fares yet on system?

    Surely a document prepared in 2003, by an organisation which was abolished in 2006 which includes such gems as: "The SRA has considered whether fares regulation needs to be altered to accommodate changes likely as a result of the introduction of smartcard ticketing both in London and as part of...
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    2019 fares yet on system?

    Does anyone know how the "average" figure for the increases is applied? Do they really mean "average" as in arithmetic mean (all the fare income in a year divided by the number of tickets sold), or median (the mid-point fare) or mode (the most frequent fare)? Given the plethora of different...
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    IET coupling at Swansea

    Why was this problem not discovered earlier?