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    'Pingdemic' and isolation requirements and the impact on Northern services

    Heads up that there are changed due to the pingdemic from Monday. Liverpool - Man Airport expresses have been withdrawn again unfortunately. Cuts in off-peak calls for stations between Horwich and Chorley, to be replaced by a bus. Reduced frequency on certain lines such as New Mills Central...
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    Hull Trains to stop running from 30/03 until further notice

    Hull Trains suspending operations this evening
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    All Arriva Trains Wales 175s taken out of service (28/02)

    Ouch. No north to south services along the Marches today to and from Holyhead or Manchester "Due to urgent safety checks with our entire 175 ( long distance ) train fleet, we have had to suspend the majority of our long distance services today (28.02.18)"
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    Interlaken area with FIP coupons.

    Morning. Travelling to Interlaken next week and was wondering what's the crack about getting up to Grindelwald and Wengen on coupons? It is possible? Got the SBB, and private railway coupons. Thanks
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    2118 Newcastle-Carlisle violence 8/8/15 One of 6 short videos of violence breaking out on the infamous 2118 out of Newcastle despicable behavior Guard was assaulted too according to the uploader, my thoughts go out to him, his driver and the innocent passengers who were indirectly...
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    Trans Pennine Real Ale clampdown As someone who works these trains nearly every weekend, its about time that something had to be done. But.....Will this deter people from doing it...
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    Salford Central Disruption

    Until further notice, all trains westbound from Man Vic, bar the Man Vic-Blackpool North, are unable to call at Salford Central, due to diamond crossover at Windsor Bridge South how can I put it...NOT THERE! This could take more than a few days to sort out sadly.
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    New Additional Victoria-Rochdale's on Saturday They should have been brought in when they introduced the 1955 and 2055 Rochdale's M-F back in 2010. I regularly work the 2021 Leeds on Saturday, and the amount of times that I've had to turn people away from that one, with a good 15 mins to go, was incredible.
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    ATW 158 refurb going ahead

    Following the news that the 1st 175, 175011 has been refurbed and released, its announced that the 158's will be getting a makeover from December!
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    First GBRf to name 66 "Derby County"

    As a Rams fan, this came as a wonderful surprise to me this morning!,,10270~2025373,00.html
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    Derailment at Dalston on the Cumbrian Coast

    Buses replace trains between Carlisle and Workington until the end of service Last updated 01/06/2009 15:28 Route Affected Carlisle, Dalston, Maryport, Workington, Whitehaven, St Bees, Sellafield, Ravenglass for Eskdale and Barrow-in-Furness TOC Affected Northern Rail Description...
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    Two Black 5's on the The Welsh Mountaineer 2/5/09

    Evening, the 1st steam charter down the Conwy Valley for nearly a decade took part yesterday, and I was around Betws-y-Coed to see her. Here are a few shots for you, nout special sorry! Two shots of her heading up to Blaenau Passing Betws on the return and a couple of videos...
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    Birkenhead - Derby day return

    Evening. I want to do a Birkenhead Hamilton Square - Derby day return on Saturday, with the outbound leg via Crewe. But i'd like to return via Sheffield. Is this possible on a CDR @ £26.00 with a YPR? I've worked out all the singles possible and it comes to £35, but is it possible to...
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    Cambrian Coast Miscellany

    Decided Friday night, due to the weather, do go on the Cambrian Coast line, and for £5.30, for an all day ranger on the line, I got my money's worth, doing Penrhyndeudraeth-Aberdyfi-Machynlleth-Pwllheli-Penrhydeudraeth. Here are a few shots for you! 158836 awating 158835 at Harlech, with the...
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    Today's Railways April Issue

    Morning, received my Today's Railways April edition through the post this morning, and most of it is muddled up, with a lot missing, and a lot of pages repeating themselves! Anybody else seen this?? Cheers
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    Bangor (Gwynedd) Engineering work 15/09

    Yesturday saw a flurry of Class 66's on to the North Wales Coast, something we don't see very often over here now! They are relaying the track in one of the tunnels near Bangor, so I decided to get up at 9am, on a Sunday (!) to see the activity! 66520, 559 and 591 66505 with the old...
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    Fellsman Chopper at Wigan, plus other bits

    Afternoon all, just got back from a weekend with my new D40, and enjoying it up to now! Just a few to show my initial work with it, I still need to get to grip with it, but i'm sure I will in the end! The Fellsman at Wigan and the set ...
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    Trent RELEASED + New Sheffield

    Trent is simply awesome, the scale of the route covered and the traffic, is mind boggling!! I'm stressed here :lol: Also Sheffield re-released, with more of the Hope Valley controllable. Head over there to get them!
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    D40 Accessories

    Evening, Just bought a D40 for £250 off Jessops tonight, and I was wondering, what sort of accessories should i buy for it? A Bag is the main priorities, and I have two 4GB SD cards for it, from my TZ3. Any suggestions?
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    One Wales Express shadow run, 08/12/08

    I have been told that there is a special run, T&T with the 57's on Monday, from CDF to HHD. No Times as yet, but looks like it will run, on its booked time of 16:17 ex-CDF. I will post when I get them, but ATW management will be on board along with the chefs who will work the service! Do...