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  1. Class 33

    Omicron - The latest variant of concern

    Well, it is scheduled to go out on BBC1 now. It is going to be important, and I am absolutely DREADING what is going to be announced.
  2. Class 33

    Do you still 'feel' like you're in the Covid-19 Pandemic?

    Whitty can stuff his "restrictions"(god I'm sick of seeing and hearing that word!). We really do NOT need any of that nonsence coming back again. We put up with all that for far too long before as it was! IF these "restrictions" do return such as "The rule of 6" or not meeting anyone outside...
  3. Class 33

    Do you still 'feel' like you're in the Covid-19 Pandemic?

    As I mentioned this morning I checked all the news channels/programmes at 7 this morning and they were all going on about this new variant. I swiftly switched off. Apart from watching the ITV News West Country at 6 tonight which usually tends to have very little(if any) coverage about...
  4. Class 33

    Do you still 'feel' like you're in the Covid-19 Pandemic?

    I had a quick check of the news channels/programmes just now, and every channel - BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, Sky News, GB News has got this new variant as their top headline. I switched off. Please god NO, we had better not have another variant that stuffs things for up us yet again...
  5. Class 33

    TfL should enforce mask wearing

    You must be joking. Since 19th July there is absolutely no legal requirement to wear these ridiculous face masks on public transport. And not before time too! We put up with that absolute farcical nonsense for over a year! They're absolutely ridiculous and pointless! TfL though are still...
  6. Class 33

    Austria (and perhaps other European countries?) return to full lockdown

    It's a nuisance. I haven't been able to go abroad for a short break/holiday abroad for nearly 2 years because of all this nonsense and malarky dragging on for far too long.
  7. Class 33

    More bad news for Scottish residents

    Where do you get that idea from? Why then are roughly about 85% of people in England now no longer wearing face masks in shops, on public transport?? Doesn't that tell you something?! The vast majority of people have now had enough of wearing the ridiculous pointless things and decided to...
  8. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    Remember all the panic and hysteria the press and media reported last month about "Fears grow of an October lockdown"? Well it didn't happen! We got through October without a lockdown! Nor even this "Plan B" nonsense too. Thank goodness. But hope the press and media don't get up to their...
  9. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    He's a bloody nuisance. I can not stand him! We do NOT need to "go hard and early" right now atall. As you say the figures are falling at the moment, so absolutely no need for this. We don't need any of these Covid restrictions nonsense brought back all over again and the PROBLEMS it would...
  10. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    Just watched ITV News West Country and the first report on there mentioned "As Covid cases continue to rise"(*** sigh ***), West of England Mayor Dan Norris is advising us we must wear face masks in shops and on public transport and will be writing to THOUSAND'S of businesses all over the West...
  11. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    I really think another lockdown is highly highly unlikely now, especially given the furlough scheme has at long last finished. So don't worry about that. What I am worried about though is the government going ahead with this "Plan B" nonsense and these bloody DREADFUL mandatory face mask laws...
  12. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    A return to Social distancing nuisancing can bugger right off. That is even more damaging to businesses and people's mental health and wellbeing than that ridiculous face mask wearing nonsense. That drove me mad and really effected my mental health putting up with all that for 16 long months...
  13. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    Headline on Sky News website right now. COVID restrictions need to be ready for 'rapid deployment', SAGE experts say These bloody "SAGE experts" and the likes of Patrick Vallance, etc, just shut the **** up and leave us alone will you. We do NOT need ANY of these bloody wreckless restrictions...
  14. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    If this nonsense returns again along with "The Rule of 6" nonsence also returning too, expect it to be very much largely ignored this time. Lots of people were ignoring these "rules" when they were last in force. What an earth is the point of these vaccines(which have been going for 10 and a...
  15. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    It definitely won't be about any lockdown. The government would have to be INCREDIBLY wreckless to impose yet another damaging lockdown. What I am worried about is if they announce either today or within the next few weeks, that this compulsory face mask nonsense will be brought back again to...
  16. Class 33

    Heading into autumn - what next?

    From my experience of travelling on GWR trains between Bristol, Weymouth, Bournemouth and Worcester within the past few months, it's more like about 95% of people NOT wearing masks. Which is great to see!
  17. Class 33

    December 2021 Timetable change

    Doesn't look like they're bringing back the additional GWR Bristol-London express services even from the December 2021 timetable. A great shame. I waited over 20 years for these services to be introduced/re-introduced. They were finally introduced in December 2019, but barely for only a few...
  18. Class 33

    Are people more reluctant to take a free seat due to Covid?

    What a silly woman. If she said that to me, I would have replied back to her "I'm perfectly entitled to sit here. The social distancing nonsense was officially scrapped on 19th July!"
  19. Class 33

    First West of England (Bristol, Bath & The West)

    A number of times recently I've seen the 24's going along the upper part of Muller Road and Filton Avenue, and missing out the Lockleaze area. Why is this? I've looked on the timetables and they're still all booked to operate via Lockleaze. Doesn't really effect me, but just wondering.
  20. Class 33

    Unions Moaning Over Maskless Passengers.

    How long do they expect us all to keep wearing masks for? Forever??!! It is now 2 months since mandatory face mask wearing laws were scrapped. And although on 19th July there were still surprisingly a high number of people still wearing masks, this has now declined over the past several weeks...